If you suffer from a heart condition, high blood pressure, or any other physical problem that requires you to avoid stress, purchasing a computer system from CompUSA could prove hazardous to your health!!!
Trying to get even the simplest of warrantee problems solved is such an exercise in frustration that the healthiest of mortals needs a valium after disconnecting from CompUSA "Technical Support" (an oxymoron if ever there was one!).
It is truly a shame.  In the author's personal opinion, CompUSA excels in their sales department. They offer reliable and reasonably priced products, and their sales personnel generally know what they are talking about.
Maybe CompUSA's machines are so reliable that they don't get much experience with repairs.  Perhaps they are subcontracting their service work to the lowest bidder. It could be that aliens have landed and CompUSA "Technical Support" has been taken over by the Pod People.  I have no idea why, but CompUSA "Technical Support"  STINKS!!!!  I am talking smells worse then three day old road kill in August, STINKS!!!!!!!  Their entire service structure seems designed to aggravate you to the point that you just give up trying to enforce the terms of your warranty.
The following link will take you to The Great Monitor Saga (updated) and from there to numerous other CompUSA tales of woe.  If you are thinking of making a purchase from CompUSA you might want to read these stories.  If you already own a CompUSA product you might want to read these stories.  If you are just bored and looking for a laugh, you might want to read these stories.
If you have your own CompUSA horror story click here and send your tale to us.  We will post it below with the others.
CompUSA has almost no competition in many parts of the country, including ours.  They have virtually cornered the market in retail outlet computer sales in some areas.  They are not going to change how they handle service requests unless their customers YELL!!!!!!!!!
If ours turns out to be a unique experience, then this page will not grow beyond our original story.  We suspect though that where there is one such sad story, there are others.  If so, post them here!!!!!
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