Damark's Dirty Deeds

Heaven help you if Damark gets a'hold of your credit card number. If they do, you are likely to find yourself being charged for stuff you have never heard of before.  Most of the stories below are from people who have had their accounts charged for membership in Damark's "Buyers Club", WITHOUT their knowledge or consent.  If you happen to get lucky and notice the charge, disputing it only results in a partial credit ....IF you get anything back at all.  It doesn't stop there though, watch your bill carefully because Damark will run the same scam again next year, and the year after that....etc., etc.  Damark did this to us, and they have done this to the other folks who are recounting their experiences here.
If you have been scammed by Damark you are invited to join an egroup dedicated to exposing Damark's unethical practices.  To join, send a blank email to 

Damark Service Sucks on Vacuum Cleaner Order!

Damark Debit Dispute

Damark makes 25 Million from Scam?

The Computer Say's "You Can't Cancel"

You're a member whether you asked to be or not!

Find the $5.00 fee if you can?

Free Trial Costs $39.99

Damark Doesn't Have A Phone?

Damark Does It Again, and Again, and Again..

Stop Damark Mr. Congressman!

Damark Scam Center

Check Your Credit Cards!

Damark "settles" with the State of Minnesota

Can't Cancel

Ripped Off In 1999 And Again In 2000

Deactivated Debit Card Due To Damark

Damark Won't Deliver

Damark Forces Account Closure

Is Minnesota Attorney General Mike Hatch Ever Going To Do His Job??

The Damark Broken Record

Another Damark Dead End

What a SCAM!!!!!!!!!

Damark is going to the President 

These Jerks Should Be Sued

A Lot Of Red Tape

Popular Club

A Former Damark, What Is Now Provell Employee

DMK*Chase strikes again


Complaint about Damark

These people should be put out of business

Damark BS!!  F.Y.I.

Score one for the victims

"We believe in free speech"

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