Y Tylwyth Teg (aka ) "Dynionmwyn.net" Stole From Us!

William "Bill" Wheeler, aka "Rhuddlwm Gawr" and Victoria "Vickie" Wheeler aka "Cerridwen Gawr" have the dubious distinction of being among the most brazen, well known Plagiarists and Predators in the Pagan Community. For decades Y Tylwyth Teg  has preyed upon Novices and Adepts alike,  stealing the published works of Adepts, claiming  them as their own, then using the purloined publications and fabricated credentials to defraud novice seekers. Even worse, the reports of sexual assaults committed by  "Rhuddlwm Gawr"  during "Initiations"  continue to increase. 
There is a long list of websites and chat groups dedicated to exposing these predators, a really long list .. just keep scrolling.

On the "Church" of Y Tylwyth Teg website, William Wheeler is promoting Sex Tours to Asian where a man can have "ANY sexual fantasy fulfilled" and "hundreds of young girls cruising the streets looking to meet western men"
"You should ask him about the 'Grand Coven Assembly' that was held in georgia in late 1993 when accusations of his paedohiliac activities were discussed by so-called 'Craft elders'. They should have handed him over to the authorities in my opinion."
"I am now 30 years old and Rhuddlwm Gawr has affected my life."   "he rubbed my chest and my vagina stating he needed to see if I could generate the Red Dragon. He said this type of magick was the strongest out there and that he thought the Goddess brought me to him for this. I felt dirty and invaded,"
"one of the prerequisites to joining their coven is thus: an attractive female must consent to unprotected sex with "Rhuddlwm Gawr" *snort* before initiation. Less attractive females must have sex with a "lower priest." As for men, they must have sex with "Cerridwen."
"i have been victimized by a so-called pagan who called william wheeler" "he is the head of Dynion Mwyn. he claims to be a welsh path. I have been threatened and blackmailed"


Predators post  defaming "Anonymous Rumors" about Pagan.com author Betsy Ashby in retaliation for her exposure of their predatory activities.

Well known plagiarists and promoters of sex tours on their "Church" website,   William "Bill" Wheeler {Rhuddlwm Gawr} and Victoria "Vickie" Wheeler {Cerridwen Gawr}   aka Dynion Mwyn, Y Tylwyth Teg, dynionmwyn.net, Camelot etc. etc.  have posted "anonymous" and extremely defaming "alleged rumors" about me, as well as other authors they plagiarized, on their website. They did this in retaliation for our web site which exposes well documented cases of plagiarism, as well as screen shots of the "sex tours to Asia" promotion. This is what psychopaths do when confronted with irrefutable evidence of their predation.

The Runningbear's Den impostors are currently using the Wheeler's "anonymous rumors" about me to try and distract people from the fact that they are WHITE WOMEN pretending to be a "full blooded enrolled member of the EBCI"  Faux Indian "Grandmother Gayle" and the Snowbird Con Clan did the exact same thing.  What can we say.... birds of a feather.

The owner of Powwows.com even allows these completely baseless LIES to be posted on his forum.  Of course we could just say the exact same thing about
Paul Gowder, "There are stories that Paul Gowder @ Powwows.com has allegedly been involved with the sexual abuse of young girls in South Carolina, sexual harassment, plagerization, criminal coercion, theft of intellectual property, slander, defamation, and other accusations which we could not verify" ... but we prefer to deal in facts, which is why this website is full of screenshots which prove the Wheeler's plagiarism, sexual "initiations" etc. instead of the sort of anal discharge found on Wheeler's Dynionmwyn.net and Paul Gowder's Powwow.com.

For the record, I have NO criminal record whatsoever. I have never been convicted of any crime....not even a tiny little misdemeanor. I have a valid concealed carry permit in the State of Virginia, which I've held since I was 21 years old.    I've had one speeding ticket in the past 20 years ...for going 11 mph over.  I did that, so I paid it.
I have never been investigated for anything that I know of ...no one questioned me?  It's not like I'm hard to find.  Unlike the cowards who post outrageous lies about me on-line, I use my real name and address when I post the TRUTH about them.  I don't "allege rumors"  I SHOW FACTS!

EVERY SINGLE "alleged rumor" about me has been made ANONYMOUSLY with the intent to harass me into silence!  There is not one single person who has ever accused me of anything who has been willing to GIVE THEIR OWN NAME!!
  'nuff said!!
The "Betsy was arranging safe housing for Muslims after 9-11"  story is the ONLY ...and I mean ONLY truthful statement made about me on the aforementioned websites!  I did that, and I'd do it again ...for ANY RACE OR RELIGION in the same situation ...Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Pagan... or anything I haven't heard of yet.   I openly, on the net, offered safe housing and/or transportation to ANYONE who needed it (all air fights in our area were grounded)  in full view of the government, again using my own name.  Both the Isle of Wight Sheriff and various other officials knew what I was doing...and why.  PEOPLE were stranded and scared.  At one point, the Sheriff offered us extra patrols of our property if we needed it.  After the 9-11 false flag attack it was practically open season on anyone wearing a head scarf in certain parts of Bubbaville. That's wrong!   

When I die I will NOT be explaining to The All-Father why I did nothing while innocent people were being harmed  ......I'll probably be busy explaining a lot of other stuff....but not that one!

Betsy Ashby
Just The Facts Please
Quick Links to material plagiarized by "Rhuddlwm Gawr" with line by line comparisons to the original stolen copy.

Faery Gold's research documenting

Y Tylwyth Teg's Plagiarism of:

"After you've made all this investment of hours and moolah and sanity, you would be offered the honor of joining the Y Tylwyth Teg coven -- after it is drilled into you that it is impossible to practice correctly in a solitary manner. It was slowly broken to you that initiation into the coven was by way of The Great Rite, which includes ritual, and entirely non-symbolic, unprotected sex with Bill Wheeler, if you were an attractive female, one of his inner circle of high priests if you were a somewhat less attractive female, or Bill's wife, if you were male." "I visited William Wheeler at his home. I was required to be 'initiated'. Later, when my life became more stable I decided to leave this cult. I could no longer tolerate the constant lies and blatant falsifications of this man. Emotional blackmail was used to try to get me to stay obedient to the group. When this failed I was told that I had been filmed in a very compromising position by a secret camera placed in a room in his house. He threatened to send the video to family and friends."
"known as Y Tylwyth Teg. It was run by a man who struck me as fitting the stereotype of the wannabe authoritarian -- the sex-starved egotistical bastard with delusions of godhood. His name was Bill Wheeler (a cohort of mine in the computing industry, actually), who styled himself "Rhuddlwm Gawr" for official Wiccan purposes. It didn't take long for me to decide the whole setup was a scam (at least on his part) for sex and money, and it went something like this": "Thankfully I changed my phone number and burned the cards he (Rhuddlwm Gawr)  sent that threatened "my ultimate destruction" if I didn't yield to his will. Once I figured out that he was only interested in sexual domination I backed away fast."
"The leader is an unstable and powerful man who dominates his devious wife. You can guess what the initiation rites involve. This cult is not about truth - it ia about power."
"He is dangerous. He has been reported to the police for threats to a Welsh girl and her daughters - he threatened to 'visit' them and to publish compromising photos of her - you see if you go to Bill's place you generally have to sleep with him - an invented initiation rite which has zero to do with ancient Welsh religion" "william wheeler uses his religion to sleep with all his students. they have 2. his youngest was 15. he is hated by british pagans. he is under police investigation because he infected comouter of a welsh girl. police have computer."

UPDATE: Vickie Wheeler, aka Victoria Wheeler, aka "Cerridwen Gawr" or "Cerridwen ab Gawr" .. President of Y Tylwyth Teg, the "Church"...who even has the nerve to call herself "Lady Cerridwen" has recently been trying to deny her involvement in, and responsibility for, the acts committed by her and her husband, during the decades they were both officers of Y Tylwyth Teg together. Seems there is trouble in paradise. "He did it!" no. no "She did it!" OH PLEASE!!!
According to THEIR OWN websites over the DECADES, they have been doing it together since God made dirt!!!
Now Vickie has YTylwythTeg.org, and Bill has YTylwythTeg.com
That's just great... now there's two of them selling a bastardized version of "Welsh" Spirituality and Tradition. :-(
Bill's calling his "Church" the "Celtic Church of Dynion Mwyn"
Evidently Vickie won Y Tylwyth Teg, the "Church" in the ecumenical wrestling match, but Bill kept the website **ROFL** We could not make this stuff up!!

In 1999 William "Bill" Wheeler {Rhuddlwm Gawr} and Victoria "Vickie" Wheeler {Cerridwen Gawr} aka Y Tylwyth Teg stole a good portion of our Gathering of the Tribes website, changed the name of their event to more resemble ours, sent out mass mailings that were identical to ours in many respects, moved their event's date to coincide with ours, and began to engage in other grossly unethical behavior.

Oh look, REAL Welsh people who know REAL Welsh stuff
"Enough is Enough ....this website has been set up to counteract the plagiarism, cat calling and general disorder created, mainly in America, in the name of Welsh witchcraft by its instigator Bill Wheeler AKA Rhuddlwm Gawr"
This addition to the "Wheeler's Web Wall Of Shame" details how the works of Robert Cochrane have been ripped off :http://www.angelfire.com/wv/clanndroen/nithings.html

Now you just can't have a group like Y Tylwyth Teg in the Community without someone doing a satire of them.
This is a particularly good one :-)

Y Tylwyth Teg (Association of Cymry; Y Dynion Mwyn)
"Much of the material in their classes, as well as much of their online material, is the subject of many claims of plagiarism from members of Victor Anderson's Faery tradition, from Francesca De Grandis' books and materials, from Gwyddonic colleges, from the original founders of the "Gathering of the Tribes" festivals, as well as from a number of other authors. They have also been associated with coercive sexual misconduct and with the slave-based sex trade in Thailand via Asian tours led by Bill Wheeler."

Oh this is too funny ...talk about truth in advertising. According to http://web.archive.org/web/20080504094450/http://www.hedgewytchery.com/denizens.html
A "TYLWYTH TEG" is a Fairy that is "small and thieving, particularly of milk and children."

Which is almost as humorous as suing a former follower for a post office box. HELP ME! HELP ME! The mean lady won't give me my mail .... http://www.usps.com/judicial/1989deci/md-45.htm

Yahoo Groups Dedicated to Bringing Wheeler to Justice

Billy and Vicky even have their own Theme Song

"Y Twatha Twits"

"Casgliad o bobl o wahanol gefndiroedd sydd a diddordeb trafod honiadau William Wheeler ynghylch ein gwlad. We are a group of Welsh citizens who are increasingly concerned about the lies propagated about our history by William Wheeler through his groups Y Tylwyth Teg and Dynion Mwyn. He goes under the self-appointed name of Rhuddlwm Gawr. The aim of this group is to provide an open forum to discuss the most ludicrous of the claims he makes concerning our history and to provide a counterbalance to these fabrications"

"Our attorney needs more info about William Wheeler. Has he been bad-mouthing you in public or in writing? Has he slandered you to other pagans. Did he initiate you sexually? Has he threatened to send indecent videos of you to your family and friends. Has he put virusis on your computer. These are all illegal - we can stop him. We offer also a support group for victims. If you have any information then you send it to us."

"William Wheeler. Rhuddlwm Gawr. Camelot in the Woods. Welsh Paganism. Y Tylwyth Teg. Dynion Mwyn. Betws y Coed. Taliesin Einon Vawr. Have you suffered threats, blackmails from a pagan group? Have you been 'initiated' ie sexually into a group. Have you been slandered by William Wheeler. We are gathering evidence for prosecution. This is a help group for victims of William Wheeler. Has William Wheeler put viruses on your computer? Disconnect it from internet and we will arrange for collection."

"This is a private group for people who have been victimized by Bill Wheeler (aka Rhuddlwm Gawr) and/or Victoria Wheeler (aka Cerridwen Gawr) If you have had your original writings or teachings stolen from you and used by the Wheeler's without permission, and wish to pursue a joint legal action, send a brief description of how you were victimized to Wheelers_Victims-owner@yahoogroups.com"

Oh, and Billy Boy Wheeler likes to accuse those of us who are exposing his predatory behavior of "hiding behind fictitious e-mail addresses and aliases, so they won't be sued"
Really? Well bring it on Mr. Man Tours that Mess with Minors!
Any time, any place ... you Cowardly, Faux Pagan Pimp!!

Betsy Ashby, Director
Out of the Dark, llc
Pagan Resource Center
P.O. Box 85
Whittier. NC  28789
(757) 357-0664

.....sung to the tune of "Gilligan's Isle"

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale
of a group quite lacking wit
That started with a Gathering
of Y Twatha Twits

The High Priest was a leacher with a
Witch Queen for a wife
and a few pathetic followers,
most without a life
....yes most without a life

The Gather started getting rough
attendees nearly drowned
The staff packed up and ran away
in search of higher ground
...in search of higher ground

The Twits put up a website where they
clearly dislike vowels
with stolen work
and smut ads too....

The leecher and his wife....
post their snits
and plagiarize
In the name of Y Twatha Twits!

[Second verse.... Yes the theme to Gilligan's Isle did have a second verse]

So this is the tale of the Twatha Twits
they've bugged us way too long

Since they just won't go away
we'll mock them with our song
...yes mock them with our song

The Leecher and the Witch Queen too
will do their very best
To slander those who criticize
their predacious on-line mess.

No skill, no pride, no dignity
these people have no shame!
Like poachers hiding in the bush
all Pagans are fair game

So join us in our song my friend
you're sure to get a smile
The Twits may steal our website
but we'll rag on them with style
...yes rag on them with style... :-)

Betsy Ashby, 2/6//00