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Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 11:24:38 -0700
[other email addresses snipped]
From: Francesca De Grandis <snip>
Subject: plagarizing

Thank you, all, for directly or indirectly contacting me about the massive excerpts of my writing on my web site and in my book that Y Tylwyth Teg took, put on their web site, and susbstituted their copyright for mine. (It is ridiculous that they thought they could get away with it! It is so clearly my prose style!)

If it helps you fight this battle, I am happy to acknowledge here in writing that, yes, several pages of mine were stolen and put on Y Tylwyth Teg's web site. Regarding the stolen material: they  took my name out and made substitutions. Y Tylwyth Teg was contacted a long time ago by an agent acting in my behalf. I do not know if the material was then taken off their site or not.

I hope this information helps.

I pray that eweryone receives what they need regarding this matter.

And the subject matter of your notes to me aside, it was nice to hear from those of you who wrote me. I only wish it had been under better circumstances but am so grateful that you cared enough for me to let me know. This is sad business indeed.

I apologize for not writing each of you individually. I am swamped right now with work.

In Her service,

Francesca De Grandis