Why would a Pagan Website promote Sex Tours to Thailand?

The page was called "Take a Vacation of a Lifetime" and it included a link to "The Man Tour" located at http://www.themantour.com/

The site was exposed on several public Pagan lists and removed after much hue and cry. The reference to "the Sodom and Gomorra" of Thailand was still on their main page under "Romantic Getaways" as of August 17, 2001.

These quotes were taken directly off the Y Tylwyth Teg page:

" If you are a young to middle aged male, a swinging couple or a bisexual female, everyone knows what you are here for; sex, sex, and more sex, in any and every variety.....The most notorious part of town, known as "the strip", is in the central part of Pattaya. At night, this is where Pattaya shows off \ and strips off, in the glare of neon-light gaudiness, with dozens of bars, discos, and massage parlors, and hundreds of young girls cruising the streets looking to meet western men....There is really nothing else quite like it in all of Asia...You may be horrified or thrilled, depending on your interests, but you cannot but help being amazed by this one-of-a-kind beach town."

"I have been traveling to Asia, mostly to Thailand, for the past 17 years; taking groups of men (ages 25 - 60) with me for more than 10 years. I personally guarantee that we will see to it that all your fantasies with women are fulfilled, no matter how elaborate. You go with us because we teach you how to fit in and where to go to get what you want. We even guarantee this...If one of the women you meet, is someone you want to take home and marry, then we'll help facilitate a fiancee or marriage visa for you to return home with her."
January 19, 2006

Bill Wheeler has now changed this page and claims that the old one we quoted here never existed ...so, we are posting screen shots from the Pagan Resource Center's Archives for educational purposes:
Screen Shots of Sex Tour Site
These pictures display content belonging to Netscape©, Bill Wheeler /Y Tylwyth Teg / Camelot©, The Man Tours©, and various other Internet entities.
The Photojournalist makes no claim to any of the subject matter in these pictures.
This is a direct quote from the "Man Tours" site that was promoted by Y Tylwyth Teg:

What our tour to Thailand......

DOES have
Beautiful Asian Women
Beautiful Beaches
Non Stop Night Life
Head Games
Friendly Smiling Happy Girls
Girls that say "NO"
Great Tasting Cheap Beer
Fat Chicks
Water sports, Gold, Gems + +

OK, we know what "smiling happy girls", "watersports", and "gold" are code for, but if anyone knows what "Gems" translates to on the Pervert's Secret Decoder Ring please email us and clue us in?

We find Y Tylwyth Teg's [William "Bill" Wheeler {Rhuddlwm Gawr} and Victoria "Vickie" Wheeler {Cerridwen Gawr}] promotion of sex tours to Thailand and other locations where women and children are degraded and used for sexual purposes disgusting.

In 2001, if you typed the key phrase "Sodom and Gomorra By the Sea" from the Thailand Man Tour ad into the Lycos search engine


....three of the four hits were to Y Tylwyth Teg pages.

4 Web sites were found in 0.1340 seconds during an Advanced Search of All the Web 

1.CELTIC SACRED SEX & TANTRA RESOURCES - This the sacred sex homepage with a link
to sacred sex and tantra sites. You will findMagick here. You will find Nature here. You

will find the love of the God and Goddess.

2.Vacation of a lifetime - Take a Vacation of a Lifetime!!! Home | Church of Y Tylwyth
Teg | Bangor Institute | Camelot-of-the-Woods | Camelot Press, LTD. | What is the

Wheel of the Year? | Sword of Dyrnwyn Newsletter | Gatheri

3.Guestbook - johnny - I just heard the bunnymen have laid down 10 tracks for a new release.
They have 3 more to mix. ?Will says it is a "guitar based record" (which you should
If you want more info on it, http://www.themansions.net/Guestbook/guestbook00.html

4.Camelot Erotic Getaways - This is a vacation and romantic getaway page Plan trips and tours
of far off  places. Take a cruise or make a reservation at a wonderful hotel

Since when did it become Pagan to sexually exploit starving women and children in Thailand....or anywhere else for that matter? What do Y Tylwyth Teg's "Camelot Erotic Getaways" have to do with being Pagan? Paganism is about Spirituality NOT sex!

Learn More About the Exploitation of Women and Children in Thailand:

The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW) is a non-governmental organization that promotes women's human rights. It works internationally to combat sexual exploitation in all its forms, especially prostitution and trafficking in women and children, in particular girls.
has a great deal of information regarding sex tours to Thailand.

"Broken Bud" issued an excellent report regarding the "marketing children for
prostitution and the buying and selling and trafficking children from country to country for prostitution and pornography."

From Daughters Education Program of CAPCAT
"For the previous 10 to 20 years the Thai sex industry had been developing into a highly lucrative commercial industry. This gave rise to the debt-bondage deals and systematic exploitation of poor families with available daughters. The demand for child prostitutes grew as AIDS became more threatening and people believed younger girls would be safer. The belief that sex with a child is rejuvenating and the publicity of Thailand as a sex- tour destination for paedophiles and all clients contributed to the thriving trade in young girls"