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***Okay, before anyone becomes upset or confused by this forwarded e-mail by my dad, I have to explain some things first before anyone proceeds and reads this***

<<For NROOGD members, please be patient with me - this note is address to you, but dad has requested that I take it one step further and let other elders know in the community about this current situation. If you have questions or general "huh?", please contact dad and personally get the latest data on the current situation. Otherwise, the proceeding correspondence is considered the latest retort where dad told someone to go bugger off - literally. Sorry for the use of the *f* word - but that's dad for you.>>

Many people in the NROOGD tradition are already aware that a Georgian based group, called the Tyl Wyth Teg/ Welsh Traditional Witchcraft, have on their website many sources of information, written material, and rituals stemming from other traditions. All plagerised and all claiming to be copyrighted by their organization. Now, there is nothing right now to do, but to make public awareness that there are groups (and certain founding members) who have had a long documented history of plagerising other author's works, dedications, and basic rituals from traditions like NROOGD, Victor Anderson's Faerie tradition, the resource inforamtion and written materials from national organizations like COG, etc.

In the proceeding correspondences, the founding member of the Welsh Traditional Witchcraft, threatened Aidan with wanting proof along with a personal suit about verifying that the information written was from their "original" founder. However, having many people, including myself, view the transcription of the basic ritual that the Tyl Wyth Teg tradition published, it was conclusive that the material published on their website was indeed our basic ritual, and all other written material aside, belong to the members of the NROOGD tradition and the property of our founders, including one Mr. Aidan A. Kelly.

The note is brief and direct and it is followed by an announcement from Tyl Wyth Teg group for their annual "Gathering of the Tribes," event in Georgia. The invitation was sent to my father. The rebutal is addressed to the actual founder Bill (or lovingly referred to as Rhuddlwm Gawr), who posted a nice threat in a previous retort, which is added to this post.

Again, sorry for making this particular e-mail post horrendously long-winded. My father felt that the more this matter was made publicly aware, the better informed other elders/practicioners from different traditions would become better aware and educated on this matter. We are still in the process of legally protecting our tradition's public domain and intellectual property, as well as helping other tradition's protect their's as well.

Thank you, again, for allowing myself to humbly address the community of this situation as it currently stands. If you would like more information, please contact Aidan Kelly or myself.

Maeve Adair Kelly

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Subject: Re: Return -- I don't circle with thieves or liars
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 23:17:07 -0800 (PST)

Look, Bill,

I know my own writing, and so do all the NROOGD members who have been using it for the last 35 years and who can testify in court that they know firsthand that I wrote it. I know you stole it, I know how you stole it, and I know you have lied about it. So you can go fuck yourself. You are a disgrace to the Craft and the Gods.

Aidan Kelly

PAULA: please echo this on the NROOGD list. I don't have an active link on this e-mail account.

--- MB <silverbolton@hotmail.com> wrote:
> In fact, why don't we take a little trip to the
> Superior Court of Cobb county Georgia and let you
> repeat that statement.  Since the church is a
> corporation, resides in Cobb County and you
> thankfully used the internet to make that stupid
> statement, I think we will get all your previous
> e-mails and any other criminal defamation statements
> you have made about us in the past and let our
> court system sort it out.  Get your proof.  We have
> ours.
> Rhuddlwm Gawr

"I know we are here to serve others. What the others are here for I have no idea."  W. H. Auden

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