Pale Moon Madness Tale

This self proclaimed "Cherokee Princess" shipped 1000 lbs of beef liver to an Indian Tribe in Alaska, which they promptly sent right back to her. I swear...the following story is the absolute truth, not one of my spoof sites.  Read the links. I could not make this stuff up!!
Ya gotta feel a little sorry for the UPS guy.
In a very transparent publicity stunt, this Faux Indian "Princess Pale Moon" collects MAJOR money in the name of Indians, then sends 1/2 a ton of beef liver to a Tribe that wants nothing to do with her.  
My big question ...which was not addressed in any of the articles I read was  "Why Liver?"  Why not...ohhh, say ...Chicken ...or even Mac and Cheese?  Sending an unsolicited donation to anyone,  regardless of race, is incredibly rude and condescending ...but of all things to send...  1000 pounds of BEEF LIVER??  Is this a cultural favorite or do Alaskan Indian kids generally dislike beef liver as much as Anglo kids do? 
It's bad enough the Alaskan Native's land was stolen, hundreds of Treaties were broken, their cultures and languages almost annihilated ....but now some white lady claiming royalty wants to "Let them eat liver"  What is this, a 21st century "Let's see who can do the most degrading thing to Indians" contest?  I have a mental image of Pale Moon dressed like a Catholic Nun and whacking at Indians with a ruler while yelling "Eat your Liver, it's good for you!"  
It's not a coincidence that "Pale Moon" translates to "White Show Buttocks" in a Thesaurus
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In addition to being a liver lovin' idiot, Princess White Show Butt ec moon is also a corporate sell out.  She's spent years whoring for big business and pimping the name "Redskins" for the former owner of the DC football team.

"The late owner Jack Kent Cooke favored Princess Pale Moon, who sang the national anthem before some games in his day. She claims to be Ojibwe and Cherokee, but they do not claim her, and the team's lawyers decided not to advance her as an Indian or a voice of any kind for their case. From time to time, her husband and their "Indian heritage" group attack Native people who oppose the team's name."


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