The Author of this statement, Robette Tattershall, is an Elder & Enrolled Member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma


The first we ever heard of a woman called "GC" was during a meeting with the Free Cherokee group that was associated with Bob Crow. This was in the spring of 2000. We were told that "GC" had sent word that the Elders on Snowbird were in need of funds for food, clothing & shelter. Also that Diamond Sr had been falsely accused of a crime and put in jail. They needed between $1000.00 - $5000.00 to pay an attorney to defend him.

The people here in Arkansas and Missouri got together between $600 -$1000 and sent it to her. Whether this was sent direct to her or through Bob Crow, I do not know, but Bob said he has copies of each check that he received for the Diamond Brown Sr Fund.

Later in the summer of 2000, we got together non-perishable food items, medical supplies , heat stoves, blankets, sheets and clothing. We drove them to Bob Crow's in Titus Ga, as there was supposed to be problems on Snowbird where no one could come up to deliver them.

John & I personally took over $600.00 worth in case lots of veg's, milk, coffee, meat, pasta, personal hygiene items,  several large boxes of medical supplies and a wood heating stove, that is at the farm in the pole barn as "GC" said no one could use it.

I know others brought food, blankets, insulin and other med's. We all took it to Bob Crow and he delivered it to Snowbird. At first she said it was not delivered, but I saw it stored in the camper trailer in Diamond Sr yard. I personally saw her feed the milk, tuna, spam and other meats to the cats in the cage outside the trailer. When I asked her why she said that no one there was in need now and it would go bad. I saw her give one family several sacks of food only once.

While we were at Bob Crows we got a list of children who were from birth to 17. We then came home and gathered donations of money or new toys to take back to Snowbird. The toys were bought for the children in Snowbird to have Christmas. We were told they would not have a Christmas otherwise.

The people who gave the money had children and families of their own, but wanted to make sure the children on Snowbird would have Christmas. We went to the JC Penny toy outlet in Kansas City, and several discount stores to buy the toys. We then spent hours choosing which toy for which age and sex the child was. It was all wrapped in Christmas paper and we put in large boxes for transport.

We were told by "GC" what day we could come to deliver the toys from the people here. It was the only day that we would be allowed to be there at the Church of the Lamb basement.

The group left Eldorado Springs MO & drove to Robbinsville. There were 5 of us who stayed at Phillips Motel, paid for 3 days & our food and gas. We delivered the toys to the Church of the Lamb. GC & Diamond Sr came to the motel & I met her for the first time.

When the children DID NOT COME, as a basketball game was going on in town the same day, the toys were taken to Jeanne Murdox's home and we were told that Jeanne, Diamond Sr & GC would deliver them to the kids.  When we were on the way to Diamond's house I noticed that Bettie's car tires were bald. I asked if we could leave $100.00 with them for a couple to tires. We were told yes, so I left the $100 with them and we exchanged addresses & phone numbers. We left the next morning, as we all were feeling used and abandoned by the people on Snowbird. GC called me on my cell phone and invited John & myself back as soon as we could come.

We returned in early Jan 2001 for a visit. She assured me that she would be able to help me locate my family's distant relations & that they needed our help as Diamond Sr was be persecuted by the Tribal Police, Graham County Police & SWAT teams. They told us the story of how there home was busted in to & Diamond Sr.was arrested.

While we were there she assured me that I was definitely from the "Long Hair" clan and a sister to her as she was long hair clan. She also offered to put my beadwork in HER trading post (even tho listed under Diamond Sr name, as she was on medicaid) as she saw my documents from being registered with the Cherokee Nation in Tahlequah Ok.

She told us of the conspiracy of the local people and the computer service people against her and Diamond Sr. . She said thay had put "listening bugs" in their home and her computer to hear all that was being said in their home.She told me that she was the medicine woman of the mountain and all the people came to her for help and that they considered her as beloved as Maggie W. The only difference was she did not conjure or use "bad medicine" on the people, even to there were people in the Snowbird Community who conjured on them. We were advised to stay away from Shirley Oswalt,  Freda Brown & Diamond Jr as they were the ones conjuring the most trying to kill her and Diamond Sr and we would be in Great danger. Gayle knew that if anything happened to Diamond Sr. his sons would put her out.  She did much to separate Diamond Sr. from his sons and sisters and get him to put all his land in the name of  Rhianna, the only person who will let her stay.

She told us how her ex-husband was trying to kill her and that we were to tell no one how to get ahold of her. Even her one daughter could never know. She said she would be in danger till someone killed Tony, as he had a contract out on her life. She explained that her family was from "Big Cove" area by Cherokee NC. Her grandfather had lived there till he died and he was the one who gave her all her training to be a medicine woman and a lodge pourer. She said she was registered with the Eastern Band of Cherokee, but could not us their hospital, drs, or receive anything from the tribe as she was not part of their Incorporation, but that Diamond Sr was and that he was the last Eagle Dancer of Snowbird and the Chief Elder.

We were told everyone must bring gifts to talk with her, as this was the traditional way, but she was not required to answer any question with the person. When people came to their house we were to go outside, as it would be dishonorable to them to talk in front of us since we were from the west and not part of the community, even tho by this time she had given me the title of Clan Mother of the Long Hair People. I told her I was not a clan mother and asked how could she appoint me. I thought it was the other clan mothers who did.  She said it was her right to give the title out. John was to be the fire keeper of her medicine lodge.

We returned to Ark after a week visit to settle some affairs and get our motor home in which we lived in and traveled about it. We returned to Robbinsville in Feb 2001 and parked our RV in the park outside of town. We moved the RV to her property on Rough Hollow Dr at the end of March 2001. We were to work on the trailer she had there and then move into it and take care of the property. The trailer was a 12 x 60 shell, with nothing but the plywood floors  & outer walls. They had repaired the front bedroom which she had personal belongings stored in. The water came from a spring up the mtn behind the trailer to a holding tank. We had brought back from AR a pressure tank & pump to get the water into the trailer. We built on the back room , replaced  both bath & kitchen fixtures, windows, floors, cabinets, & doors in the trailer. She had a cook stove & refrigerator, but Diamond Sr had to do the wiring before they could be used. Which did not happen till around the end of May 2001.  We had help at times from Diamond Sr,  Merlin and Steve Bailey, but 95% of all work was done by John & I as they were to busy or their health would not permit them to help. This surprised us as John & I both were on 100% disability and we could not work more than 30 min at a time before having to rest. This is why all the work was still not completed when we left in June 2003, 2yrs 2 1/2 mo after arriving.

I have listed the supplies and materials we bought and the money we spent that came from my mother's estate when she died May 7, 2000.

Gayle took all this with the understanding that the trailer we restored was to be used as a shelter for battered women and elders in need, and that we would be repaid for materials and could live there forever with out any obligations for all the labor we had done to care for those in distress who needed a place to stay, people coming to the lodge, etc..  Now she is telling people we were a couple of "needy senior elders" who she gave shelter to . We were never in need for shelter as we had a 36 ft motor home and lived very comfortable until she went through every thing we had, then asked for more. Now times are tough but we make it fine.

We were to take care of anyone she sent there at our expense, as she could not let it be knows she had all that was there due to her medicaid or she would loose it. This was also the reason why she would not marry Diamond Sr. She would loose her mediciad and her allomony from her ex-husband. She only changed her name to Brown to fool the family and the Snowbird Community.

When Gayle changed to a different server for her website, she told me the lady would take beadwork for payment. She was suppose to send the larger pieces, but I now know she was never to pay anything as it was Free thanks to Betsy Ashby. I have no knowledge of what she did with them as they were never returned to me. The same is true of the leather sewing machine, air brush paint equipment, leather, shawl materials, beads, books & etc.

When we decided we had to go to a more level place as Johns knees could no longer take the unlevel ground in the mtns. She was furious. and would have nothing to do with us the last 2 wks., and demanded we pay her taxes and insure on the farm before leaving. She has told so many lies on everyone she associated with including Diamond Sr's family and has gone out of her way to cause trouble or humiliate everyone who no longer is at her beck an call. Once you anger her she starts on the family and then the net of how you abused, cheated lied or stole from her. She tells you that you are banished from the land and the people are to never speak with you again. She will make up stories about your spitit leaving and flying through her and that you should look for there bodies on the side of the road. She did this to Jeanne Murdock{Adopted Long Hair Clan Sister #1}, Bob Crow {Adopted Long Hair Clan Brother #1},  Betsy Ashby, {Adopted Long Hair Clan Sister #2} and myself.  Her main thing is to get you to move there and take everything she can, by any way she can, then drive you out of the area by her lies. She comes up with so many things that are cult like to destroy anyone who does not do what she wants.

I have seen her work one against the other in Diamond Sr family. Telling lies about one to another and that others said it, when she was the one and thought that it was fun. Yet she is so afraid of people finding her out that she carries guns & knives with her even to town to get groceries.

When we first arrived we were introduced to the sisters & nieces of Daimond Sr.  Gayle told us to stay away from them as they were all trouble, as they lied and conjured or had it done to her & Diamond Sr. She talked about when Catherine had cancer. That she would take her and her daughter Lucy to the hospital and they would speak Cherokee thinking that she could not understand how they were cutting her down until she finally told them she could understand. Gayle's opinion of the entire family was really bad. She would tell different ones a lie and get them mad at others in the family.

Catherine and Lucy were causing trouble, but when Catherine and Lucy were there it was the other way around. Gayle uses them all. She is sweet and kind to Rhiannon and Katina when she wants them to do something. But when Rihannon was in old Mexico with Tora, trying to get money together to get him back across the border as he didn't have a green card then, she had nothing good to say about her or Tora. She plays the same game with her own twin daughters. One is good the other is trash.

Diamond Sr. children are always in her way until she wants something from. She would call Merlin all kinds of names and talk about how his drinking and pills made her mad and she wish something would cause him to go away, but when he suddenly died, she would cry and cry in front of the family like he was a lost child of hers when she really didn't care. She even accused Jeanne Murdoxs of being intimate with Merlin and how disgusing they both were, but then she would be frindly with Jeanne until she was through with her.She is always stirring up trouble between Verlin and his girlfriend. She tried to seperate Verlins girls from him every chance she got. She did not want any one to be happy as she was always so miserable over one thing or another.

She had absolutely no use for Diamond Jr or his wife Sandy and even accused them of trying to sell their oldest daughter to some "white friend" as she wasn't smart enough to do anything else since their mother had home schooled them and she was anything but smart. She and Diamond Sr both said that Diamond Jr was nothing and he was not using the Jr part of his name so he could benefit from the reputation of Diamond Sr. He coulldn't even speak the language and had to ask his dad how to say different words.

I never in over 2yrs heard her ever say good or kind things about anyone in the Snowbird Community that she did not turn around run them down or just plain lie about them. I understand the Welch family is now good......but when they were being abused by the police, the Welch boy who lives around them was dirt and it was all his fault, the only one of the Welchs that were anything at all was Billy the carver.

I could go on more about all the lies, stories and make believe that Gayle sturs up, but when you try to put all this kind of deciet on paper, it has a way of making your spirit sick.

Robette Tattershall
Two beaded necklaces taken by  Gayle Brown who claimed  they would be used to pay for a website she got for free.
Supplies for trailer - Gayle has detailed receipts to give to Insurance company. Also for supplies for the chickens she purchased and put on farm.

CC 3/01/01 Home Depot $722.25
CC 3/12/01 Tri-State Lighting and Electric $43.78
CC 3/12/01 Wholesale Supply of Murphy $22.74
CC 3/15/01 K-Mart $28.31
CC 3/15/01 Lowes Waynesville, NS $445.02
CC 4/09/01 Wal-Mart (Computer for Trailer) $686.88
CC 4/12/01 Mt Area Computer $175.00
5,525 4/23/01 Phillips Supply $31.91
5,524 4/23/01 Phillips Supply $156.75
5,526 4/24/01 Murphy Building Supply $1,833.86
CC 4/28/01 Sweetwater Farm $58.27
CC 4/28/01 A-4 Home Center - Andrews $65.46
5,545 5/25/01 Robbinsville Pallett $740.00
5,551 5/29/01 Lowes $139.47
CC 5/10/01 Phillips Supply $59.93
CC 5/10/01 Sweetwater $11.48
CC 5/15/01 Lowes $479.18
CC 6/03/01 Cummins Tool $168.47
CC 6/12/01 Sawnookes Mill $214.00
CC 6/16/01 Waynes Feed $84.71
CC 6/16/01 Murphy Building Supply $368.56
CC 6/16/01 Carpet Mart $551.20
CC 6/22/01 A-4 Home Center $42.46
CC 6/27/01 A-4 Home Center $64.48
CC 6/29/01 A-4 Home Center $17.41
CC 6/30/01 The Whole Store - Murphy $24.98
  7/02/01 A-4 $25.91
  7/02/01 A-4 $57.41
  7/01/01 Lowes $1,468.53
  7/08/01 Sweetwater $87.93
  7/09/01 A-4 $223.60
  7/13/01 A-4 $103.21
CC 7/21/01 Dalton Rug $289.99
CC 7/21/01 Black and Decker $73.93
CC 8/03/01 A-4 Home Center $223.60
  8/08/01 Walmart $52.99
5,634 8/08/01 Murphy Bldg. $44.94
5,633 8/08/01 Hughes Elec. $43.94
CC 8/12/01 K-Mart $248.06
21 8/22/01 Regions Propane Dep. $200.00
5,645 8/22/01 Regions Propane Dep $200.00
5,646 8/22/01 Ace $69.93
CC 8/29/01 A-4 $116.97
CC 8/30/01 A-4 $155.15
5,703 9/04/01 Sweetwater $15.40
CC 9/17/01 Sontech Industries $468.00
CC 10/13/01 Regions Propane $217.30
CC 10/17/01 Regions Propane $106.38
CC 10/17/01 Sweetwater $59.40
CC 10/18/01 Walmart $111.85
CC 10/18/01 Walmart $159.47
CC 10/18/01 Murphy Building Supply $16.75
CC 10/28/01 Walmart $188.85
CC 12/01/01 Home Shop $47.49
CC 12/14/01 Sweetwater $22.00
CC 12/28/01 Regions Propane $71.10
CC 1/02/02 Sweetwater $16.50
5,835 4/16/02 Sweetwater $16.50
CC 1/30/02 Sweetwater $17.11
CC 2/05/02 Sweetwater $25.50
CC 1/30/02 A-4 $20.84
5,890 2/25/02 A-4 $19.00
CC 2/01/02 A-4 $7.90
CC 2/19/02 A-4 $14.90
CC 2/15/02 Walmart $87.83
CC 3/12/02 Lowes $15.94
CC 2/05/02 A-4 $3.93
5,959 5/03/02 Sweetwater $7.00
6,019 6/19/02 Sweetwater $7.43
CC 8/15/02 Western Carolina Construction $500.00
6,133 9/23/02 Phillips $9.99
CC 1/06/03 Regions Propane $51.30
6,249 1/09/03 A-4 Home Center $11.21
6,272 2/13/03 Regions Propane $85.06
6,561 5/12/03 Sweetwater $5.02
    Total $13,329.60

We were told she needed supplies for the Trading Post to be able to open it and keep it running.

CC 2/20/01 Fire Mountain $101.13
CC 3/06/01 Crazy Crow $55.89
CC 3/05/01 Spirit Dancer Sage $96.00
CC 3/15/01 Lace and Things $27.07
CC 3/21/01 Medicine Man $78.00
CASH 3/21/01 Pottery from Mrs Maney $1,000.00
5,505 4/02/01 Crazy Crow $28.58
5,508 4/03/01 Billy Welch $150.00
5,512 4/09/01 Walmart - Computer $686..88
5,519 4/19/01 Billy Welch Pottery $275.00
CC 5/03/01 Rio Grande $10.00
CC 6/12/01 Big River Trading $42.75
CC 6/12/01 Sawnookes Mill $39.32
5,598 7/06/01 GC - Herbs $102.27
CC 10/10/01 Talking Leaves - Books $57.77
CC 10/10/01 Lace and Things $29.57
CC 10/23/01 Copper Coyote $177.46
CC 10/24/01 Spirit Dancer Sage $115.00
CC 10/28/01 Walmart $188.85
CC 11/07/01 Broadway Music $295.52
CC 11/07/01 Smokey Mt Wood $96.88
CC 11/18/01 Walmart $159.47
CC 11/02/01 Beaded Image $68.65
CC 11/02/01 Fire Mtn Gems $179.22
CC 11/07/01 Bead and Feathers $26.35
5,772 11/27/01 Sweetwater $13.85
CC 11/29/01 Gospel Gallery $10.48
CC 12/04/01 Books-a-Million $21.99
5,937 4/17/02 Gayle $60.00
5,976 5/24/02 Cindy's $26.00
5,989 6/10/02 Cindy's $27.00
6,007 6/24/02 Cindy's $25.75
6,040 7/22/02 Cindy's $34.00
6,060 8/13/02 Ameri Herbs $64.00
6,118 9/30/02 Cindy's $16.00
6,153 10/21/02 Cindy's $16.50
6,166 11/03/02 Ameri Herbs $44.44
6,175 12/11/02 Cindy's $39.00
6,247 2/26/03 Cindy's $25.00
6,294 3/13/03 Ameri Herbs $59.48
6,510 4/09/03 Cindy's $52.50
    Total $2,400.07

Checks we cashed and gave money to Gayle for things she would need and did not want a record of having to cash checks given her due to Medicaid.

5,742 11/06/01 $60.00
8,888 12/03/01 $100.00
6,533 4/10/02 $300.00
5,950 4/19.02 $50.00
5,965 5/07/02 $30.00
6,220 6/20/02 $40.00
6,048 7/17/02 $20.00
6,056 7/24/02 $50.00
6,079 8/12/02 $75.00
6,136 9/25/02 $50.00
6,143 10/04/02 $100.00
6,234 1/03/03 $20.00
6,251 1/23/03 $21.00
6,263 2/05/03 $25.00
6,522 3/31/03 $30.00
6,546 4/17/03 $500.00
6,558 5/08/03 $50.00
  Total $1,521.00

Gasoline - Some receipts given to Gayle so this only represents part of the gas use to go where ever we got supplies and carried them back in our truck to the trailer at the farm

CC 3/12/01 Citgo - Andrews $13.80
CC 3/15/01 Citgo - Robbinsville $55.00
CC 3/27/01 Citgo - Robbinsville $58.30
5,656 9/05/01 Texaco $45.22
5,732 10/09/01 Texaco CC $150.00
5,740 11/13/01 Texaco CC $100.00
5,771 12/03/01 Texaco CC $75.00
CC 1/09/02 Citgo - Robbinsville $21.83
5,828 1/16/02 Texaco-Robbinsville $70.00
CC 2/02/02 Citgo - Robbinsville $29.47
5,853 2/12/02 Texaco $25.00
5,899 3/06/02 Texaco $30.00
5,924 4/08/02 Texaco $30.00
CC 3/18/02 Citgo $29.47
5,956 5/03/02 Texaco $30.00
5,999 6/08/02 Texaco $39.13
5,996 6/10/02 Texaco $40.00
6,029 7/08/02 Texaco $50.00
6,088 8/18/02 Texaco $50.00
6,103 9/03/02 Texaco $60.00
CC 9/30/02 Texaco $50.00
6,228 12/31/02 Texaco $50.00
6,193 12/31/02 Texaco $50.00
6,167 11/05/02 Texaco $50.00
6,280 2/19/03 Texaco $17.30
    Total $1,219.52

Other charges or checks for personal things for her or Diamond.

CC 7/21?01 Office Stampede $71.92
CC 8/01/01 Walmart $52.97
CC 9/11/01 Ingles $8.44
CC 10/10/01 Talking Leaves Cher. $57.77
5,778 11/3/01 D. Brown $60.00
CC 11/07/01 GNC $23.80
5,845 1/25/02 D. Brown $20.00
CC 2/11/02 Frontier Computer $21.39
CC 2/20/02 Dual Com Comp. $42.59
5,937 4/12/02 Gayle Brown $60.00
6,589 6/19/03 Farm Bureau -Ins. for Farm - Gayle Brown $394.00
6,630 7/16/03 Gayle Brown - Final Elec. Bill $47.39

  Total $860.27

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