I call these pages the Faux Clan Mother Follies 'cause I danced to the tune for four years and NEVER caught on.
 I did anything they asked...and did it well I might add  ROFL  

Yes, I am an idiot!  
What can I say?  When you don't know squat about a culture anything is possible. All these important "Clan Mothers" made Grandmother Gayle sound like big whooptie poo because she is in charge of "discipline" Yeah, I fell for it.... please note the "Yes I am an idiot" statement above.  It bares saying twice

We'll be posting more in the near future, but what's already pasted below represents a good sampling of the games these people play.  

 Yupper, I fell for the whole scam ...  lock, stock and barrel!! Here you see the beginning of my Faux Indian education. I responded to every "Clan Mother" trauma drama Grandmother Gayle created like it was real, 'cause I thought they were. I truly believed there was a group of "Clan Mothers" I was helping who represented Elder Indian wisdom and justice ... right up until I went looking to them for a little Elder wisdom and justice ec I was treated like a turd you'd flush down your commode by these so called "Clan Mothers" once their cohorts had stolen thousands of dollars worth of cash and expensive stuff from me.  At the time, I had Shingles in my cranial nerve and was so doped up on meds I couldn't add 2 + 2.  Quite frankly I was surprised I could even remember my PIN number to make the multiple ATM cash withdrawals,  some of which I didn't even recall until the bank statement came in.  Not a single one of these fake "Grandmothers"  and "Clan Mothers"  had the nerve to face me and answer for what happened once I was off the meds and able to think !!  Not one word!!!  Instead, my dog was sprayed in the face with antifreeze the day before a Snowbird Community Meeting where the Snowbird Con Clan was asked to explain why they were claiming to represent and build a "school" for an Indian Community that had NEVER HEARD OF THEM. Of course none of the principles .. "Grandmother Gayle Brown,  Medicine Women" and/or "Clan Mother MJ Hawkspirit Everhart"  showed up when the REAL Indians got involved.  Instead, they sent a 25 year old clueless kid to speak for them and she just stood there and sputtered.  It was pathetic!  "Grandmother Gayle" and her so called "Clan Mothers" truly showed what craven cowards they are with their absence!  

At this point in my saga a REAL Indian Elder, of the enrolled, old and brown variety, learned what had happened and decided to step in.  She sent me to some other full bloods who went out of their way to help me get over what the white Faux Indian frauds had done. These real Indians of the enrolled, old and brown variety did nothing but GIVE without asking for anything in return...which was fortunate, 'cause I didn't have much left when the Snowbird Con Clan was done with me.  This is when I learned these Con Clan people ARE NOT even Indians, much less "Medicine Women" and "Clan Mothers"  They are a bunch of white people playing Indian in a psychotic LARP that has gotten way out of control!  These Faux Indians just declare themselves Queens of their own little Fiefdoms, set up their completely Anglo hierarchys, then proceed to run around screwing people over.  They are not "Clans" creating loving families, they are CULTS harvesting unwitting followers.... for PROFIT.   These pages only represent a few of the fake "Grandmothers" and "Clan Mothers" among the DOZENS we are profiling and exposing!  

The author of these particular emails took some of the most personal things I had ever written and passed them around like party favors for WEEKS before I told one single person THE TRUTH about what I experienced with the Snowbird Con Clan. It is interesting to note that everything Grandmother Gayle had to embarrass me with was something personal I wrote ABOUT MYSELF. In more then four years worth of emails, I had not said one single negative thing about ANYONE that I had not already said directly to their face...usually publicly and more then once.
What is really amusing is that NOTHING I have made public about Grandmother Gayle and the Con Clan Mothers would be a problem for anyone, IF SHE WAS TELLING THE TRUTH!!  

Unlike Grandmother Gayle, I have not made public the four years worth of very embarrassing personal info, problems with kids, sex lives,  finances, etc....ie: the real life stuff she sent me about everybody's business! 
EVERYTHING I have posted relates to a Faux Indian begging money and/or claiming an important sounding title or position which turned out to be utter bull cookies!!  Please note how many posts deal with Fundraising for the Faux Indians.

Try to imagine what it feels like to find out the people you gave your faith, trust and love to are actually a very clever, narcissistic pack of Spiritual and Financial RAPISTS ...and you are nothing but one more mark in a longggg list of stupid victims to be financially filched then discarded the very MINUTE you run out of money.  Now add the fact that you were so sick and drugged you could barely stand up when they ripped you off for everything they could get. ec

It was almost as fun as telling the real Indians in the area about the people you thought were "a Medicine Woman"  and  "Clan Mothers" and watching them laugh 'til they almost fall out of their chairs while saying things like "you really didn't believe they were Indians did you?   Some of them will STILL chuckle when the subject comes up and say "You thought those white women were Indians  hehehehe"    It truly is hysterically funny to the real Indians I've met that white people can believe other white people are Indians.
 Oh yeah...we're talking some serious life lessons here  ec

Every single one of of these Faux Indian fakes we've found so far are suckling at the teat of a 501(c) (3) somewhere. There are already enough laws against what these frauds are doing, they just NEED TO BE ENFORCED! The Faux Indian phenomenon is pandemic! "State recognized Indian Tribes" are nothing more then a Faux Indian version of the SCA.   At least in the SCA the Kings, Queens, Barons, Dukes, etc.  know and acknowledge they are playing a game (usually ec)  These Faux Indian reenactors sell memberships to everyone and their cat, then swear their members are real Indians, for grants, donations ....MONEY! If they don t have a "Tribe" or a "Clan" for you to support, they have a "School" "Foundation, or a "Land Project" ....some mechanism or another to bilk people out of their money.  It is ALL ABOUT THE JACKSONS to the Snowbird Con Clan and other Faux Indians of their ilk.

Politicians and potential victims alike need to be educated! Well here ya go....pass it on.  
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Subject: still won't let me send it to out of the dark
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You are so right.
Fear is something that is very hard for my people to overcome. They are too caught up in the physical and the good ones have forgotten how to fight .
He knows too...last night I mentioned some things. He went on to say what had to changed then said that he would not do it because he wanted to live and enjoy life. I told him that I would be at his side when he changed his mind in this life or another. He said "drop it" I said "ok Chief" and got a very dirty almost threatening look. Of course I laughed and said you know I know and I will call you Chief when I so choose because you are the Chief of the Traditional. Still he had the dirty look so I did the woman thing and said besides you are my Chief- of course the look softened but he does know and it is eating him. I won't try to change his mind of course but will continue to call him Chief when I want to and he will know it is more than play.  The truth is that neither of our true positions are publicly known or so we thought since there is such danger. Seldom is there a public title while the Traditional one is alive here. We usually only let those that are so close and trusted and already know instinctively. That is another reason that Janean was such a threat - she knew who we were.
And you are very right that none of us may survive that if it happened. The mere thought was almost too much.
On another note. Wayah is not acting better of course he is still mad at me for taking him the other day- he pouts more than humans. He still won't eat. Since his spring check up he has lost 10 pounds. <> is about the same. But today was not a good gauge since the weather was shitty and we had to go and "steal" back one the granddaughters cars early this A M and were on pins and needles till the dad got it.
Last night I was dealing with some inter-tribal Clan mother stuff. There was a petty little bout of B S on the Canada/US side. One of the Metis Clan Mother's decided that a Delaware Clan Mother had tried to "put a curse on her" by a gift she gave her. The traditional gift of honor for a Clan Mother is corneal, tobacco and white horse hair which was what the bundle was. The Metis Clan Mother thought that the Delaware Clan Mother had used her own hair in the bundle . -Kinda backwards I think to give your hair if you are placing a curse ,  but anyway there was quite a ruckus that seems to be calm at the moment. I really enjoy working with the Clan Mothers until it comes time for discipline part- no matter what is going on it is still hard to do that with a Clan Mother specially when they are my Elders. It gets real fun when I have to do it to my Clan Mother !    Then there is the bunch of "guardian Warriors" from the inter- tribal  who decided that all the holy ones needed round the clock guards since we were in danger. You know the attitude of the "my feathers are better than your feathers " group , so once again I am on their teeth gritting list since I told them to go home and be good and wait for Santa to come.
Seems a lot this is the normal holiday B S that tries to outrun Santa's Sleigh yearly . This year it is touching the "higher" ups though.
Hope that you have had a good day.
Love GC

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From: "GC" <gc@snowbirdindian.com>
To: "guardian" <guardian@OutoftheDark.com>
Subject: Fw: School outline
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 18:16:38 -0500
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It is good to hear from you.
I had wondered about the encryption when I mailed you last. Sure don't want to take valuable time from those trying to figure it all out to investigate my petty stuff only to find out nothing.
I am so glad that you will be a part of the advisory council!  I don't remember what all I already told you so forgive me if I repeat.
Yes all those things as you stated would be good are in the process. The Foundation that will administer all aspects including the school , will have only volunteer people. It is set so that no One in any decision making capacity can ever get paid for it. I believe that will stifle the desire for take over by less that upstanding folks, etc. and encourage only those who truly want to be of service from the heart to be involved.
As you know round here we ain't to worldly and just a bit country. That is why we need you so bad! Seriously we will need people who can not only advise but also know how to put legs to it.
The first thing we are going to have to do is locate land and purchase it for the foundation. That is probally our biggest problem since we can't do it without money and the ones who will donate money (via- grants ,etc.) don't do it unless you already have a place. So here is where we are on that- we have the legal process started and as soon as all that is ready we will launch fundraisers hoping that we can attract big money people who are looking for a tax write off.  To purchase land we will probally need help with the whatfores and howdoyoudoits.
The current board is me, diamond, and
Mary Everhart from PA who is a Delaware nation Clan mother.  We are of course planning to have more board members since I sure don't wanna end up holding the on most decisions.
Below is a basic outline of why we are doing the school. We will have to come up with a much, much better way of putting it and make a flyer of sorts for people to hear about it. Your ideas on any of this will be great. At this point anything that you can tell us or have access to having done will be wonderful.
As things progress we will have some type of annual gathering for us all to get together and share ideas and work on what we need to.
You already know someone else on the advisory council- good old Bob Crowe!  Another friend of the People- Lynn Greggory from the Durham NC area who works for Triangle Research Institute and has lots of contacts to grant writers. ( she is one from Bob's group sortof)
Another thing is if you know of others who would be good in this and would want to , please have them let me hear from them.
Of course if Maggie would like to do this too - that would make it doubly good.
Can you tell there is a little excitement here?
Love GC

The Cheoah Valley Traditional Restoration Project

                                                 Phase One;The Snowbird School

The Dream
-The strong desire to teach our children traditional values along side modern education in accordance with North Carolina standards of education and curriculum thereby utilizing full brain potential , taught with common sense and responsibility toward all of Creation.

-To create an environment conducive to the humanitarian lifestyles encompassing the human needs of modern materialism.

-To restore and teach the gifts of living from the land and understand the balance of resource usage.

-To provide the Native Children and those like minded the environment necessary to learn, grow, and be confident with the personal skills and talents of individuals.

-To utilize the wisdom of the Elders by creating an environment where the Elders share and teach and interaction between all age groups benefiting and understanding the full circle of life.

-To enable future generations the opportunity and hope of higher education, professional service employment and, growth as an understanding People.

The Reason

-Modern education is designed and administered by one dominate ethnic group following one standard. This rigid standard does not allow for the abilities and learning styles of many other ethnic groups, especially the Native American.

--Using Snowbird as an example:

When the Snowbird School was in operation , the students gained more education and learning desire and were better able to cope with life both within and without the community having only completed a maximum of the 8th grade than those Native children currently accomplish after completing as high as the 12th grade of regular public school.

-Current reservation schools are attempting to restore culture with Native children through restoring Native Language and Art. Snowbird has retained culture and art through family ties and traditions. Most all Native children have grown up with Elder family members speaking the language of our ancestors, eating the traditional foods and cohabiting with all around us, etc.. When these children are taken away from the traditions and attempts to educate them in the dominate culture fashion are imposed, these children loose identity, confidence, and self-esteem. With the loss of self worth comes the loss of valuable understanding and knowledge that may be the answer to many modern problems we are faced with today when resource usage threatens healthy human existence.

-On a local level; the population of Native Children and Native descendants in the Snowbird area is 30%+ of the total school age children. The total number of Native People and Native descendants employed in the public school is -1%.

What we intend to do

-Purchase Ancestral Land.

-Place the land in a trust that is held by the school itself, apart from any government , Tribal, State, individual , etc.

-Target grades 6- 12 in the beginning to fill in the gaps left by the current system and to instill hope and direction at the time of graduation . As growth allows - extend grades to include K-12.

-Build facilities to educate and teach both traditional life skills and modern curriculum.

-Meet and exceed standard testing requirements;

--By teaching with full brain compatibility techniques focusing on individual strengths.

--Employing the Individual Education Program (IEP) system with each student in establishing attainable goals designed to reach all education requirements.

~Gayle Y. Brown~
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Yes I think that given the mixture of doctrines being used there is little choice left. you would think that they would have gotten the message but then most Indians always come back again.  They are striking at others near me too. Some of the Clan Mothers are in dangerous situations .
The one that was down is rousing up .
I do think that you have no choice!
please be careful and don't wait too long and direct me as needed. I will try to work it on my level some.
<> is here tonight so if we talk I will have to careful
Love GC
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Subject: everybody got all their parts in the same room?
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 15:08:09 -0600
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Hi There.
Everybody got all their parts in the same room? Seems if they do then all is well considering all that flew by this weekend.
I have been eating Kava like candy fighting rapid onset depression that comes out of blue and hits hard. I don't mean a little "oh my - is a down day " I mean  "life sucks- I am all alone -why try" depression. Luckily I can tell what it is and so far been able to handle it.
Friday and Saturday night were no sleepers and last night it was almost a comatose sleep for most around here including me.
The Clan Mother of the Lanapie has gone so far in another area that I can't even speak with her. She started "teaching" some Apache boys complete with living in and has decided that her life is wonderful even though she is crying to Robette about how much she needs someone, etc. etc. Now I have a bucket of it to deal with since she is the one who is on the founding board for the school.
I sure do hope that I hear that you have had a great weekend at some time and that just maybe you enjoying working at the campground in the nice weather!
Love GC

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Subject: source of trouble
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 18:46:18 -0500
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 Hey there hope that you have rested some and are feeling better.
One of the
Clan mothers brought this one to my attention as a possible source of trouble.....and they are right. This is one and the "Dr." Garrett also that have caused so much trouble around for people. They even have in the past had the nerve to hold meetings in this area  but I have not been able to locate them until they have finished doing their magic. Also this is where some of the ones who have come here have been sent from as what I don't know maybe spies for them. Anyway they have caused enough trouble that we have had folks attacked , legitimate helping businesses closed down etc.  We are a threat to this bunch since we basically give away what they are getting rich on and speak the truth without the mix.
It does that there is another reason for us to be involved since if you take the parts -apart they are throwing together you get some of what we are dealing with here. And the Germanic parts are interesting ingredients too.
One of the women in the "supa" or whatever it is section is the one who worked do closely with Tom Underwood who dies last year. They ran the Medicine Man gift shop in Cherokee and she of course is in full control of it now. I was just in there last week and she really acted strange almost hostile to me but I had chalked that up to "knowing Spirits" but now I am not so sure.
This is one group that is really taking people for a ride and likely harming more than most.
What do you think deary?
Love GC
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Subject: Computer ?
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 13:13:31 -0500
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I have a question. Do you ever run into a used computer that is still good but someone just does not want or need it? The reason I ask is that we have a Clan Mother in PA who needs one to communicate through the internet but has no $.
This is not an urgent need or anything.
Love GC

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From: GC <snowbirdgc@dnet.net>
Subject: Fwd: Re:
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this is an inquiry I sent to a Delaware Clan Mother who is in the "know" about most anyone and anything going on. She does not know Yow and that is a good sign since if he had any good stuff or real had given any real help to people she would know it.

> From: mj@chestercounty.com (MJ Everhart)
> To: "GC" <snowbirdgc@dnet.net>
> Subject: Re:
> Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 09:33:29 -0500
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> Siyo...
> Yes all is well. Except for work I do not get out much with the weather the
> way it has been. Was in all weekend due to the creek over its banks and ice
> everywhere. Many many snows....and still so much on the Mother....more
> coming Thursday and then next week. Funny....Jenny Wren and Robins are
> returning. Unfortunately I have not had any luck with the fund
> raiser....donations....but no buys.
No I do not know of a Charles Yow. Hope
> all is well down here. Much love and best wishes. MJ
> MJ HawkSpirit Everhart
> mj@chestercounty.com
> Ad Pro, Inc. . Oxford, PA 19363 . 610-932-2444
> "We call it the `sacred' red road because it is the road that will lead us
> to living the good life, an honest and healthy life."   Larry P. Aitken,
> Chippewa
> "The Indian World was devoted to LIVING; the European to GETTING".
> "Woman was used by the Creator to cast the light of knowledge on man just as
> the Moon casts its light on the Earth. Alone, man is backwards and
> undeveloped. he needs the light that woman gives to make him whole."
> - The Mishomis Book, The Voice of the Ojibway
> by Edward Benton-Banai
> AHO!
> Great Spirit-Creator bless and guide us:
> extend the circle embracing all that is.
> May our thirst for spiritual awareness never cease.
> May forgiveness allow hate to never overwhelm us.
> May we remain upon the path of a good heart for such is the way of the trail
> of our ancestors.
> -Herbert L. Caywood, Cherokee-
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "GC" <snowbirdgc@dnet.net>
> To: "MJ Everhart" <mj@chestercounty.com>
> Sent: Monday, February 24, 2003 2:35 PM
> > hey there
> > hope that you are fine and happy.
> > I have a couple of questions.
> > Have you had any luck with the fund raiser?
> > and do you know of Charles Yow?
> > Love You!
> >

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