....and in the beginning, there was a white, middle aged, Atlanta suburbanite seeking a "Medicine Man"
From Seeker to Medicine Woman and head of your own Indian School in a few easy lessons.  
How very impressive ec
In less time then it takes the average person to finish watching Dune, "Grandmother Gayle" feels qualified to Chair a non profit which claims to:

"A. Provide a cornerstone for the education and exchange of ideas concerning Native Americans;
B.  Promote and display cultural events whereby the public may be informed about the arts and the cultural environment of Native Americans;
C. Teach and provide learning environments to students and teachers and, to child and adult, concerning the historical, cultural and social aspects of the
     Native Americans;
D. Perform compositions for audiences for educational and for training purposes;
E. To teach our children traditional values along side modern eduction in accordance with North Carolina standards of education and curriculum thereby
     utilizing full brain potential,
taught with common sense and responsibility;
{OMG!!  OK... does anyone else translate "E" to mean the nice white lady is going to move into the Snowbird Community and teach the poor Indians how to use their "Full Brain Potential?" Didn't some white folks already try that a couple hundred year ago?  As I recall, it didn't work out real well then either EC }
F. To restore and teach the gifts of living from the land and understand the balance of resource usage;
G. To provide the Native Children and those like minded the environment necessary to learn, grow and be confident with the personal skills and talents of
H. To utilize the wisdom of the Elders by creating an environment where the Elders share and teach and interaction between all age groups benefiting and
     understanding the full circle of life. I. Any other lawful purpose which the association may be organized under N.C.G.S. 55A-1, et seq.
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Instant Indian Expert, just add four heaping cups of ego and a 501(c)(3)
Public Records Located Here:


These screen shots from Grandmother Gayle's website show where she begins speaking for the "formerly silent majority" in the Snowbird Indian Community. Her page is "devoted to the misinformation being mistaken as truth about our people"
The original URL was www.snowbirdindian.com/News/index.html
However, the page has since been removed and a robot.txt is being used to block the site from archival services like archive.org

gayle web site link

Here Ms. Indian Expert claims "we" could "care less" about the Indian name mascot issue, and use of the word "Squaw' is a big joke.  In the next paragraph she comments on the "stealing of our traditions" and explains that white "wannabes" are no threat, but the "claimtobes" who LOOK NATIVE are a danger...

Gayle News link

"Grandmother Gayle" is NOT a member of any Federally Recognized Tribe.  She is NOT recognized as a "Grandmother" "Medicine Person"  "Clan Leader" or even as an Indian by the real Snowbird Indian Community!  She has NOT accounted to numerous donors for major contributions of cash and goods to her "Snowbird Indian School"  and she should not get away with it!

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