Shafted On Software

Date: Sun, 28 Mar 1999 13:01:51 EST
Subject: Compusa on-site service

I made the mistake of going the cheap route and bought a Compusa Pentium II 6Gbyte computer in January to replace my 486 system. Since then the system has been very unstable, locking up several times a day and getting download errors when trying to load something from CD rom.

I bought the EXTENDED SERVICE CONTRACT. One month and two days after I bought it, after a lock-up,  SCANDISK did a dreaded rearrangement of my files which trashed the software. When I took my computer back to the store (36 miles roundtrip) I discovered that SOFTWARE RELOADS ARE NOT COVERED UNDER THE
WARRANTY. It cost me an additional $60.

The computer is still flakey, but I have Norton SystemWorks installed and the re-starts are less disasterous. I'm waiting for something in the hardware to go up in smoke so I can finally get this thing fixed or get rid of it.