Runes & The Northern Mysteries 
Correspondence Course

Hidden within the runes lies the path which leads to initiation into the Northern Mysteries. Freya Aswynn, dedicated priestess of Odin, author of "The Leaves of Yggdrasil", "Northern Mysteries and Magick", and "The Principles of the Runes", has developed her long awaited correspondence course designed to train the student in the Northern Mysteries.

The course description as found in Lesson One states: "This course begins from the ground up, starting the student at the most basic level of learning about the runes and magic. Although you may be familiar with some of the early material already, the initiatory process outlined here demands that you begin at the beginning, so that not only your conscious awareness, but every level of your being, from your earthly body through which your chanting resonates, to the highest aspects of your soul, will become deeply steeped in the magical patterns of the runes and accoustomed to their energies. Only such a thorough process makes it possible to use the runes to their fullest - as the holy keys to the magical realms of the North, through which the Nine Worlds may be perceived and their might drawn upon and shaped by the runester."

The course is designed as 12 lessons, of which 6 are completed at this stage, each lesson taking approximately one to two months to work through if done so in a consistant daily pattern. You will be assigned a supervisor/teacher, who will oversee your work, and offer comments and suggestions along the way. Most of the relevant study materials in the form of attachments will be supplied with the lessons, including parts of the Edda's Sagas.
At the current time, the course is limited to 100 people; these first 100 people who sign up for this course will have Freya Aswynn as their teacher. Once they have completed the course or a substantial part of it, they can volunteer to supervise new students. For those suitable candidates, an 'initiation' ceremony is being considered, however this is not a guarantee as it depends on each individual student and must be sanctioned by Odin.

Each lesson will cost $20. Payment may be made by credit card, or through PayPal. The lesson will be sent out via email, and all correspondence with your supervisor will be done via email. At this time, we have no facility for a snail mail (postal) version.
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Introduction to the Runes by Freya Aswynn