"Native American" Company Capitalizes on Fear and Pain!
Without a doubt, Spam is the Cyber
version of a cockroach!

September 12, 2001, barely 24 hours
after America suffered the most
devastating terrorist attack in history, I
was spammed with an offer to sell me
a "All Nations Dream Catcher"  from
the "heart of Mt. Shasta." The spam
read in part:

"In the aftermath of the so-called 
"Attack on America," the All Nations
dream catcher would be a most 
appropriate article for sale--it
represents the ultimate peace symbol 
and teaches the ways of peace.  See 
www.the7thfire.com/gallery.htm and
click on All Nations. "

To view the complete opportunistic, 
insulting, spam CLICK HERE

I was so disgusted I wanted to puke. 
"So-called Attack on America" indeed!!
What do these people selling the 
"ultimate peace symbol"  call it when a 
group of terrorists hijack 4 airplanes 
and slam them into buildings full of 
innocent people..a misunderstanding??

It was bad enough to get spam
offering me penis enlargements and 
trips to florida spaced amid the emails 
recounting horrible tragedy but to have
alleged "Native Americans" try and use
the situation to sell me a "dream
catcher",  well ..... that was just too 
much.  After spending two days with 
my stomach in knots wondering if
Tidewater was next, it was time to Filk.

Everyone has some safe way to vent 
justifiable anger ...hopefully.  My 
partner weeds the garden within an
inch of its life. Some of my friends chop
wood, jog, write code, etc.  When I am
about to pop a seam, I write Filk.  For 
those who don't know, Filking is when
you take a well known tune and 
rewrite the words.  Some Filks are
humorous and some Filks are ironic.  All
Filks come from the heart.

This Filk is dedicated to the folks at 
"www.the7thfire.com" and anyone 
else who tries to capitalize on the fear
and suffering caused by this terrorist 

Shame on you!!

"The Spam Mailed On"

"And The Spam Mailed On" is sung to 
the tune of "And the Band Played On".
 For those young'ins who have no idea 
what the tune to "And The Band 
Played On" is, CLICK HERE

Americans died
While the onlookers cried
             ..... and the spam mailed on

Some leapt to their death
When there was no hope left
             ..... and the spam mailed on

While we sat glued to screens
Filled with horrific scenes
Our Nation was reeling in shock

We prayed and we bled
While they counted the dead
             ..... and the spam mailed on


Heroes were crushed
And the whole world was hushed
             ..... and the spam mailed on

The hate mongers lied
Making innocents hide
              ..... and the spam mailed on

Then we counted our ammo
And watched men in camo
While waiting to see who was next

While some screamed for slaughter
Yet others begged peace
              ..... and the spam mailed on


Oil companies gouge
While their customers howl
             .....  and the spam mails on

While most pull together
Regardless of feather
                  ....  the spam mails on

And the cool voice of reason
Has left for the season
News ratings are too high to stop

Midst porn and viagra
We fight for our lives
              .....as the Spam Mails On!!