Millennium March on Washington
Where have all the Pagans gone?

On April 30th 2000 an estimated 1.5 million Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered people will be Gathering in Washington, DC for the Millennium March on Washington for Equality.
How many of these folks will be Pagan? 
We suspect quite a few.  The Pagan Faiths are very tolerant of sexual diversity (or at least they are supposed to be), and there are very few Pagan groups, covens, political organizations, etc  that do not have their fair share of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, or polyamorus members.  So where are all these queer Pagans and their respective groups among the supporters of the March?  We have been asking this question of prominent Pagans Leaders that we know and the answer we have been getting is "What March??".
It appears that news of this historic March is not making the rounds in the Pagan Community as one would expect it to, This is a situation we hope to rectify.  We are asking recipients of The WitchTower to visit the Official Millennium March on Washington Website at 

and sign on as supporters of the March.
Please note the background and link buttons we have used on this page.  These images are the logo of the Official MMOW website (we swiped them right off their page). Don't be confused by any other "MMOW" websites that are popping up.  Like every prior March, or any major civil rights venture for that matter, there are a few loud mouthed trouble makers trying to make themselves look important by tearing down the efforts of others.  Have no doubt that these people have their own self serving agendas and little interest in the overall intent of this March.  Some folks have even had the audacity to say that there is no need to March on Washington in 2000.  Gay Americans are being beaten, shot, hung, burned, decapitated and brutalized in every fashion known to mankind, and we don't need to go to DC and raise some hell again??  Get real!!  If there was EVER a time to March, it's now. 
After the last March on Washington, you started hearing "don't ask, don't tell" in the Military, about large companies adopting domestic partner recognition policies, that more and more States were passing hate crimes legislation, etc. etc. All kinds of gains were made in the area of Human Rights as a direct result of the last March.  It is defiantly time to remind Washington, and the population at large, that we are human beings and we aren't going away AGAIN .... and A