This is my personal statement which I have come to after a period of reflection.  

I am John "Grey Wolf" Wilde.  I led the Sweat Lodges which were non-tribal specific, and were traditional in nature in rounds done and prayers said.  Each person was told to pray to their deity and not my own.  I was guided by Spirit to do so.  So many people of many races gripe and complain about those people who have been selling our religion.  So I did the Lodges to enlighten the few who wanted the knowledge.  I was guided to act instead of complain. 

Our People were Pagans and Heathens 100 to 200 years ago.  Anything out of the main stream is Pagan or Heathen.  I have prayed much about this situation, and my Guides have told me to speak.  I speak, act, and believe the old ways of this land's people.  I am not trying to portray myself as an Elder, just an Indian with old ways and beliefs.  

I have spoken with different Tribal Elders and they all said to do as Great Spirit and The Old Ones tell me to.  I have even been asked "why" I want to believe the old ways in today's technological ways.  My response is, I have more faith in the old ways.  I believe in the Creator, my Ancestors, and the Spirits of the Earth as my Pagan siblings do.  

I do support Betsy Ashby in her fight.  She knows I would not fight because that is who I am and that my ways are spiritual not political.  But it is not right that people get angry with her.  I and my family were the ones being ostracized and threatened.  Because of this situation, I may never be recognized by my blood line Tribe - but I will continue to live and die with the old ways and beliefs.  

If I can and do help one person no matter what color, religion, sex, I will have done as Grandfather instructed me to do.  So I will continue to pray for all.  Is that not what the Medicine Wheel represents??!!  Black, White, Red, and Yellow - all the Peoples, the Creatures, and the Standing Ones from Mother Earth.

Sincerely and with many Blessings,
John "Grey Wolf" Wilde