Frank Dalton Is Home And Doing Well !

We received this happy message from his daughter Jess:

Ok, for everyone who has expressed concern for my dad and how he is at the 
present moment here you go....ready, brace yourselves....

Dad walks without his cane, much to our dismay at first...But he climbs stairs and keeps up with almost all of us, except for Tanta the mall walker  :)  He can talk, sometimes he sounds like the teacher from Peanuts but all in all he is pretty clear. The other day he was in the living room and he tells everyone his arm feels he's lifting it to chest level...funny guy..The therapists are not going to settle for anything less than at least a 95% recovery because he has that potential...

He's more than halfway there...The big focus now (they kicked him out of physical therapy because he can walk just fine)  is occupational and speech therapy.  The occupational therapists are great.  They are working on his shoulder right now, rotating it and giving him strengthening exercises, he loves those :) And he has stunned the speech therapists...he says some of the most outrageous things let me tell you...But they are completely impressed with how far along dad has come in the past couple months...One of the speech therapists is a student and is going to be using him for her dissertation...pretty cool if you ask me....
It looks like CraftWise in April is not going to happen. Dad's recovery is the focus right now.  It's not a matter of outside help, though it s greatly appreciated, just a matter of Dad being at a critical point in his recovery and CW in the Hotel takes a whole lot of time and focus that right now-needs-to be for Dad...CraftWise in the Woods will-definitely-be on.  Being at Brushwood takes a little less work and focus for us, it just happens...go figure :)  

Thank you all for your love and concern....Talk to you all soon.
Lots of Love to all,