The Legend of the Boo Hoo

The origin of the Legend of the Boo Hoo has been obscured by the mists of time, but the Baleful Babble of the Boo Hoo can still be heard in the Pagan community if one listens carefully.
Most of the wisdom imparted to me regarding Boo Hoos came from Kirk McLaren of Amulets by Merlin fame. Other details were related to me by modern day oracle Isaac Bonewits.
I honor all contributors to the Holy Babble of the Boo Hoo.
To help those new to Boo Hoos identify the not so elusive species, I have composed a Basic Boo Hoo test.......

Click here for Busty's Basic Boo Hoo Test

From The Holy Babble we have The Chant Sakima
Click here for The Boo Hoo Chant
Click here Commentary on the The Boo Hoo Chant

From the "Get a Klu" gang we have the great Boo Hoo Lament,Pagan's Plight
Click here for Paganís Plight