A Commentary on the Chant of the Boo Hoo

I am Boo Hoo
This is a conformation of one's Status.  Obviously to truly know one's self, one must face the inevitable.  Alas for the Boo Hoo for the office of this sort is a troubled one.  Let us examine the Holy Name: Boo Hoo.

Boo:  aside from the most obvious concept that to shout "BOO" to an unsuspecting chap may move one to a state of startled bewilderment; in Chinese the word "boo” translates "no".  In English, this rhymes with "Know" and as we may all agree that the synchronized connection is far too obvious to disclaim.  However, if you truly wish to argue the point you are more that welcome to write your own chant.

Hoo: This is also a revelation that is connected through the language's mysterious process of rhyming, a manifestation that may be observed through the holy ritual of the Sick Puppy.  Hoo is then reviled to be "Who".  So then to place the concepts together then one may discover that a Boo Hoo is indeed an individual that Knows All, although the answer may not be available at the time.

I'm all Knowing This point has been examined in the description above.  I wish to note here that being all knowing doesn't mean to know all and doesn't mean that the Boo Hoo understands anything, hence the difference between knowledge and wisdom.

I am Speaking
This is the most frequent pass time of the Boo Hoo.  It has been said often that if a Boo Hoo isn't talking, chances are that the Boo Hoo isn't breathing.  This tends to make those that live in the holy presence to develop selected hearing loss.

Hot air Blowing
This is a Mystery of the Boo Hoo.  In winter a Boo Hoo in good form has been known to warm entire buildings.  Thus: the popularity of attending classes at universities and the full congregation in churches across the world in the colder seasons.  Also, transversely many schools tend to close in the summer months due to the excessive heat.

You are Listening
A rare occasion for the intelligent.  Indeed, the process of tagging each and every Boo Hoo is a must to prevent the unsuspecting individual from placing too much weight of one's world view with out thinking for one's self.

My head Growing
Sometimes referred to the Rush of the Boo Hoo.  This is highly addictive and stimulating in large quantities.  Highly recommended for all to experience as much as possible.

I am Boo Hoo
This is the reaffirmation again.  It is the true mark of a Boo Hoo to drive home a point by repeating one's self, some times to the point of a drone.

I am Teaching
It has been often said that those who can't do: teach (or become critics).  Complaining is always a Boo Hoo's first choice, but at times it is hard to tell the difference between the act of Teaching and the act of Complaining.

Explaining all things
Again, another mystery of the Boo Hoo.  It is not necessary for a Boo Hoo to understand that which he/she is explaining.

I am Reaching
In order to be able to explain anything a Boo Hoo does not understand takes a bit of far fetched logic.

Inventing new facts
One of the basic techniques of the Boo Hoo is if one can not quote a reliable source, make one up.

Truth is screeching
This is an unfortunate by product of the Holy Babble.

I am Boo Hoo
Although this is some-what monotonous, here we may observe the three stages of Boo Hoo manifestation:
 1. The Rush
 2. The Flush
 3. The Crush

I am Learning
A most devastating experience for a Boo Hoo.  A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, this can make a person such as a Boo Hoo a vary perilous individual.

Hearing my errors
Many a Boo Hoo have self destruct with such an experience as this. Generally, a Boo Hoo must argue all points when faced with Truth.  See:
Inventing new Facts.

My face burning
A common manifestation of the Boo Hoo.  There are some Boo Hoos that can read by their own countenance, a concept that can not be taken Lightly.

Students Returning
Usually carrying weapons and instruments of torture.  There are some Boo Hoos who have taken to making tours around the country to avoid these
incidents.  It takes a while for students to figure out that they have been bedazzled only to find the Boo Hoo gone to the next county.  Long Tours and Short term Memories are the best combination.

Stomach churning.
It has been said that a powerful Boo Hoo can make butter with the aid of such experiences.

Remember, if you find yourself confronted with a suspected Boo Hoo, check for the caution sign.  If you find one, they are probably harmless.  It is the un-tagged ones that are the most dangerous!

   - The Grand Wazoo