Busty's Basic Boo Hoo Test

Is your group's leader a  Boo Hoo?

Does your group's leader have a title that is too large for notepad to open? 
      yes = 5 points

Is it printed on their checks? 
     yes = 5 points

Do you need a masters degree in linguistics to pronounce your group leaders name?
     yes = 5 points

Does your group issue membership cards?
     yes = 5 points

Is a picture of your group's leader on the membership card?
     yes = 5 points

Do you have to stop to take a breath in the middle of trying to pronounce the name of the group you belong to?
     yes = 10 points

Does your group's leader have a list of people that you have to hate before you can join their organization?
     yes = 10 points

Does that list change frequently and without prior notice?
     yes = 10 points

Do you have any household appliance that you have owned longer then your leader has been Pagan?
     yes = 10 points

Does your group's leader claim to be descended from an ancient witchcraft tradition which they can tell you nothing about or they will be killed in their sleep magically?
     yes = 20 points

Has your group leader ever required you to perform domestic choirs .... in their house?
     yes = 10 points

Are you required to kiss any portion of your leader's anatomy on a regular basis?
Hand (or ring)                                         yes = 5 points
Feet (one or both)                                  yes = 10 points
Ass ( one or both cheeks)                     yes = 20 points
Any part of the body even remotely 
associated with reproduction                yes = 40 points

Does your group spend more time arguing about bylaws then it does reveling in the Spirit?
     yes = 40 points

Does your group's prayer list have a price list?
     yes = 50 points

Is any part of your group's ritual wear made of rubber or vinyl?
     yes = 40 points

Does your leader have a case of cool-aid socked away in the Covenstead pantry?
     yes = Run Forest Run!

0 - 5 points:  Congratulations, you have avoided many pitfalls by practicing your Faith with a few select individuals or in a small family unit.

5-50 points: Depending on the age of your group leader, he/she might grow out of it.

50-100 points: Unless you are Gardnerian, you might want to double check your leaders motives.  If you are Gardnerian, you already know your leaders motives.

100-150 points: Add "Boo Hoo" to your leader's long list of titles.

150-200 points: It's time to check and see if your health insurance covers therapy.

200 points: If you answered yes to all of the above, why did you even take this test?  You are obviously doomed to spend this lifetime, and probably a few future ones as well, as someone's patsy. Enjoy your suffering.