REST Privacy Statement

All information in the REST database is confidential and shall only be used to secure emergency shelter for someone in need.

We will not sell, lend or give information in our database to anyone, unless it is to secure emergency shelter for someone in need.

In rare cases (such as in a natural or man made disaster) we may share our all or parts database with the American Red Cross.

We are dedicated to preventing SPAM!  Anyone found to be harvesting the REST list's addresses for any purpose, including spamming, will be immediately unsubscribed.  After the untrustworthy person has been dumped off the list we will proceed to talk trash about them ;-0

We have excellent database security.  It would be VERY difficult for someone to acquire any of our databases.  Oh we know how simple it is for some people to hack our computers. We bow to the genus of the digital generation.  There are children too young to drive who are writing code while we can't get our printer and scanner to work at the same time without making the computer puke.

This is why we don't keep our databases, documents, mailing lists, etc. on the computer at all.  Our data files are kept on CD' those new skinny plastic cases (whoever thought of making CD cases one half their original size has the undying gratitude of every person with an overstuffed office).  The real sensitive files are encrypted on closing. 

If some hacker ftp's onto our platter all they get for their trouble is a bunch of program files.  I know these kids are good, but the first time one of them is able to reach through the monitor, take a CD out of its case and stick it in the burner ... this computer is going out the door and we are going back to index cards.