To Join REST Answer the Following Questions And Send Via Email To

The questions in red are mandatory.  All other information is optional, but appreciated.  You should always read a group's privacy statement before giving up any personal information on the net.  Here Is Ours



City or County:


Zip code:

Phone Number:

Email address:

Do you have any medical training?  If so, what?

Please describe what type of accommodations can you offer someone in need of emergency shelter.  Please be specific... spare room, couch space, tenting, etc.?
No offer of space is to small and all offers are appreciated.  Those who only have tent space available should not feel the need to apologize for having a small house.  In the case of an major earthquake, tenting is recommended due to aftershock.  Camping out in nature can also be a very healing experience under certain circumstances.

Can you accommodate pets?

Can you safely harbor someone who is the target of violence due to their race, religion, etc.? 
If you can't, that is ok!   How can I say this politely?  Not everyone lives in a neighborhood where sheltering ethnic refugees is a good idea  right now:-/

Do you have any restrictions on the sex of the house guests you are willing to accept?
While we do not  accept members in REST who discriminate on the bases of Race, Religion, etc., we do realize and honor the fact that some women do not like to be housed with men they do not know.  To be honest, we have yet to encounter a man who minds sharing a house with a woman (even if they do complain about hair in the drain)..... but if we ever do, we will honor his wishes too.

If you are not in the position to offer shelter, can you provide transportation or other emergency support in your area?

Please answer at least the questions in red and mail to