REST {Rapid Emergency Shelter Taskforce} FAQ

Who is eligible for shelter in the REST system?

Anyone, of any race, creed, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, shoe size, etc. is eligible for emergency shelter in the REST system during any emergency situation.  Anyone wishing emergency shelter must have a valid photo ID  We are flexible on this rule if the victim has lost all their positions due to the disaster that rendered them homeless. 

Under what conditions is Emergency Shelter Available?

We strive to make emergency shelter available during any emergency.  Any natural disaster .... earthquake, flood, hurricane, etc. is cause for the REST to become active.  Any act of terror like what we have just witnessed is considered a reason for the REST to become active. 

Will REST shelter someone who is running from the law?

NO!  Absolutely not!!  In forming our Taskforce we have tapped members of our Guardian Community for assistance. Many of our members are compassionate and tolerant professional Law Enforcement Agents at the local, state, and federal level.  In other words, someone in need might be sheltered with a cop at any given time. 

Will REST shelter someone who is fleeing lawless violence?

Yes,  many of our members are able to do this in relative safety. See above for why.

How can you justify offering shelter to Arabs, Muslims, Egyptians, etc. after the atrocities that were committed on 9 11?

The people we are offering shelter to did not commit those atrocities, they are victims too.

What is the charge for emergency shelter?

There is no charge for emergency shelter.  All REST members are volunteers.  In the case of a severe situation where extra food and essentials were needed by emergency shelter providers, our Community would provide those essentials.

What kind of shelter can you provide?

That depends on the location and the circumstances of the disaster.  Some volunteers have spare rooms.  Other have a couch or floor space to offer.  A few own hotels and campgrounds. 

Do you work with the American Red Cross?

While we have no official affiliation with the American Red Cross, in times of need we will make whatever resources we have available to the Red Cross.  We are the grass roots, they are the full grown tree.  In a national emergency we immediately send the Red Cross Disaster Coordinator a complete list of what we have available to offer.

Is REST a Pagan organization?

REST has been started by Pagans, but all are welcome.  We sincerely hope we will be joined by members of other Faiths and become a truly Interfaith effort.

If you have a question we have not answered here, please feel free to email us.