This is an email we received from Victoria Wheeler  aka  Lady Cerridwen ap Gawr advertising their Gathering of the Tribes in March of 1998.  There is nothing in their Gathering flyer (click here to jump to flyer) that even remotely resembles anything on our site or in our mailings.
It is interesting to note that in this mailing Wheeler claims that they have lost EVERYTHING due to a hard drive crash and that they will soon have a NEW WEBSITE.

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The last time we sent you a note, it was a letter concerning the Gathering of the Tribes `98 to be held near Gatlinburg, Tennessee June 5-7.  Since then, we have received hundreds of replys confirming their intention to attend, some as speakers and workshop leaders and others as just attendees.  Unfortunately last week our internet service provider decided to upgrade EVERYTHING, and there must have been a bug in their Mail Server, because on Thursday while we were connecting, to the WEB, that is what we lost - EVERYTHING.  Our browser, all mail from five months ago, and many files.  So here we are again.  New Hard Disk, New Browser, New address list, etc.  So, if you have sent us a note concerning attending The Gathering, or joining the Universal Federation of Pagans, Southeastern Pagan Alliance, or asking for information about
Y Tylwyth Teg, or being listed in the contacts section of our up and coming New Web Page, please do it again!!!  We WILL Back Up from now on!!!  We WILL Back Up from now on!!!

please see our current URL at
It's way out of date but will soon be upgraded.

Blessed be,

Janet Partin
(for Lady Cerridwen who is out of town.)
Y Tylwyth Teg and Association of Cymry Wicca
P.O. Box 674884
Marietta, GA 30006-0006
                         P.O. Box 674884
                   Marietta, Georgia 30006-0006

Dear friend:

We are sending you this letter for two reasons.  One is to bring you up to date concerning The Gathering of the tribes to be held June 5-7 1998 near Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  The other is that we of the Universal Federation of Pagans (UFP) are constructing a New Home Page which should be up and running around the 15th of April.  We are also constructing pages for The Southeastern Pagan Alliance and the Georgia Pagan Way as well.  These will all reside in conjunction with the Association of Cymry Wicca Home Page.  Some of you have already been invited to be listed on SEPA contact pages or enquired about The Gathering of the Tribes.  We will be having the annual meeting of the Universal Federation of Pagans and the annual meeting of the Southeastern Pagan Alliance during the Gathering.  We hope you can still attend.  See the attached Gathering information.

If you would like to be listed in the contacts section of our HomePage, please return this e-mail note and include the following information:

     Group (if you represent such)
     Gathering, Festival or Event Name
     Frequency of meeting date of event
     Contact Name
     Tradition (if any)
     Meeting times
     Street Address or P.O. Box
     City, Zip
     Telephone Number and/or Fax Number
     e-mail address
     home page URL
     Description of why you are listing yourself, your purpose and beliefs
     If this is a Festival or gathering listing, please include all relevant information.
     Do you wish to be included in a mailing of Festival Information?
     Do you wish to volunteer to help at any Gatherings (There will be a discount off
     the normal registration fee or donation.)

If you are just listing yourself for contact purposes, just give us your name, interests, e-mail address, and URL if you have a WEB page.  If you are listing a Pagan Group, please include all information above.  We will also be publishing a Events section and if you have a Festival you wish listed, please include that information as well.

If you live in Georgia, you will be automatically listed on the Georgia Pagan Way Homepage as well unless you indicate otherwise.

Since we also sponsor various events during the year, please indicate whether you wish to be included in any e-mailing of event schedules.

We are also looking for representatives of certain cities and states in the US and other countries.  The UFP has been inactive for a time, but because of reason events, there has been a unanimous decision to become active in the Pagan Community again.  As a representative, it will be your job to co-ordinate all e-mail contacts in your area so that individuals who are looking for a home or trying to contact a teacher, are not left out in the cold.  For the present, there is no charge for membership.

Benefits?  If your Coven, Grove, Temple, or Church becomes a member of the UFP, you will be given a way for your group to become a legal non-profit religious organization (church), with all the protection that designation offers.  If you are receiving this letter you have already been taking part in a front line battle with the forces which are trying to take away our religious liberties.  We are not trying to duplicate efforts, just add more support and networking.  As we said before, the annual meeting will be at The Gathering of the Tribes,  98 to be held June 5-7 at Avalon Isle, near Gatlinburg Tennessee.  If you are interested in
attending the meeting, please get in touch and we will send you information.

Thank you for your time,

Blessed Be,

Lady Cerridwen ap Gawr, Elder & Co-ordinator


The Church of Y Tylwyth Teg, Avalon Isle, The Association of Cymmry Wicca, and others are Sponsoring The Gathering of the Tribes `98, Festival and Earth Religion Leadership Conference to be held near Gatlingburg, Tennessee, at Avalon Isle. The Gathering theme is: THE HISTORY OF THE CRAFT - and will feature several speakers who will be revealing new and astounding historical news that will affect all Wiccans in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The Universal Federation of Pagans and the Southeastern Pagan Alliance will also be having their annual meetings during our Gathering.  If you are member of either organization or wish to become affiliated with either fine organization, this Gathering will be your opportunity.

Real Craft History - The Celtic Gods and Goddesses - Celtic Mysteries - Celtic Shamanism - Women's Mysteries - Men's Mysteries - Celtic Tantra - The Mystery Sites of Ancient England and Wales - Sacred and Magickal Spaces - Ritual and Magickal Ethics - Welsh Tradition of Witchcraft - Gardnerian Witchcraft - Shamanistic Wicca - Celtic Magickal System - Everyday Spell Working - Colors and the Craft - Herbalism - Ritual Construction - Crystal Working - Basic Pagan Ritual.

Other Topics to be discussed include: how leaders can effectively prepare themselves for the problems involved in explaining their religious beliefs to mainstream religious leaders, the news media, local governments, and others; and assisting Law Enforcement in understanding the basis for our religion.

Our workshops and conference will center on solving the problems raised by the inevitable challenges of community and News Media. The Gathering will include a ritual centered around the sacred Mysteries of The Shaman.  This is a very important conference for all of us.  We expect a considerable turn-out of hundreds of leaders from all over the U.S. including Pagans, Witches, Druids, Native Americans, and other Earth Religion participants who wish to learn and discuss the many different aspects of the Great Spirit and the God and Goddess. An Informal meeting of State representatives of pagan organizations whose focus is on public awareness of Witchcraft, Wicca and paganism as religion, is also planned.

Print your name in the top lefthand corner of a copy of the registration form.  Give it to your pagan friends. For every seventh paid registration showing your name at the top received by 4/15/98, you will receive one complimentary admission (worth $45).

We will building strength, unity and harmony among all Earth Religion groups verywhere.
This is a critical time for our religions and our way of life. We are beset on all sides by
fundamentalist christians, publicity seeking government officials, and ignorance on the part of most people. It is time that we not only learn how to stand up for our rights as citizens under the constitution, but also learn how to defend ourselves by using that same constitution. In doing so we must also learn to be affirmative rather than aggressive.

Kisma Stepanich, author of Faerie Wicca I & II;  Nigel Bourne & Seldiy Bate, publishers and Wiccan Elders from London, England.  Enion Vawr, Elder-Family Tradition of Dynion
Mwyn, Denbigh Wales.  Lady Cerridwen, High Priestess/Coven of the Crystal Dragon/Elder of the Welsh Tradition of Witchcraft.  Rhuddlwm Gawr, Elder of Y Tylwyth Teg, expert on the Welsh Tradition of Witchcraft, Founder of the Association of Cymmry Wicca, and author of The Quest and The Way.  Lady Amythyst, Elder of Church of the Royal Oak.  AND many Others!!!

INVITED SPEAKERS (Unconfirmed Attendance)
Rhiannon Martin, High Priestess/Serphant Community, N.C.; Fred Adams, High Priest/expert on Geomancy/ Founder of Feraferia; Ian Corrigan, Bard of ADF/Celtic High Priest/author Book of the Dragon; Pete "Pathfinder" Davis, founder/Aquarian Tabernacle Church, Seattle, Washington; Chief Piercing Eyes, founder/ Pan American Indian Association,  Nocatee, Florida;  Gavin & Yvonne Frost, founders/Church of Wicca, New Bern, N.C.;  Joseph B. Wilson, Celtic Shaman, Manton, Michigan; Richard and Tamarra James, Wiccan Church of Canada, Toronto, Canada; and Nybor & Elspeth, well known Pagan Artists, Keyser, WV.

Confirmed musical entertainment at the Gathering will be ESBAT, a British Pagan Folk band from London; and many more musical events. Call for an update.

We have a Faerie Ritual scheduled for Saturday Night. Various Rituals celebrating the God and Goddess. A Special Class on drumming and drum making to be held Friday, June 5.


Yes, Count me in!  Carefully fill out the form below, sign it, include your check or other
information, and mail it to the address below. This is going to be GRRREEEAAAT! Enjoy
the same free expression we've had for the last Twenty Gatherings which have welcomed Wiccans and Pagans.  A percentage of the profits (if any) will be used to help protect Wiccan's and Pagan's Federal right to worship as they please.  The main Sabbat ritual will be presented by the Y Tylwyth Teg churches of Kennesaw, Georgia and Ft. Lauderdale, FLorida.
Also featured will be a variety of Music (by Pagan Bands), bardic circles, sweat lodges (if
you want to build them), drumming circles, and Many Workshops!  You'll receive all the
details in the confirmation package.  Please let us know if you would like to present a festival workshop.  We're always looking for new ones.

Mundane Name(s)_____________________________________________

Children's Mundane Names and ages


Address _________________________________________________________________

City, State, ZIP ___________________________________  Phone __________________

Minimum Donation
Single person - $45 ($55 CASH AT REG. DESK after 4/1/97) $_________________

Couples $85 ($95 CASH AT REG. DESK after 4/1/97)         $_________________

Children 13-17 - $10 each with parent                    $_________________
(Under 13 - Free)

Day trippers - $30 CASH AT REG. DESK                     $_________________

Two days - $40 CASH AT REG DESK                          $_________________

TOTAL DONATION ENCLOSED                                  $__________________

Circle One - Check or Money order

For information, call 770-516-8500 or write: Rhuddlwm Gawr or Lady Cerridwen.

All Registrations must be received or postmarked by May 15, 1998, otherwise we cannot
guarantee your place at the Gathering.

Read and sign the following and send the release and your donation to:  Camelot,  P.O. Box 674884, Marietta, GA 30006-0006

At The Church of Y Tylwyth Teg Gathering of the Tribes

Mundane Name________________________________________________________
Names of all Children and accompanying adults in my party:

This is a Religious Community Service Event

I, the undersigned, by payment of $1 or more, or labor, and who freely associate with and/or become active supporting members of The Church of Y Tylwyth Teg, release The Church of Y Tylwyth Teg, Inc., Kennesaw Georgia, or Church of the Royal Oak, Athens, Georgia, or Avalon Isle, Tennessee, and all owners or staff from any and all liability connected with our attendance of this religious event. I understand that there may be dangerous materials in areas of this property, indoors and outside. I do hereby release, absolve, and hold harmless, The Church of Y Tylwyth Teg, Inc., a Georgia non-profit church corporation, its officers and directors, agents or assigns, Association of Cymmry Wicca, Church of the Royal Oak, Lady Amythyst, and members of the event staff, of any responsibility whatsoever for my safety and well-being and that of any minors accompanying me. I accept full responsibility for my guests who may or may not be able to understand or respect safety rules, or other instructions,  especially minor children. I accept full responsibility for all guests, at all times. I agree to respect all property on the premises, as well as all plants, trees, and animals. I will refrain from any and all conduct that is considered disruptive or harmful to the Wiccan/Pagan Community, this event, or the staff. I will abide by all Federal, State, and local laws. I fully recognize that any difficulties and/or accidents experienced while coming to or returning from this event are entirely my own responsibility, even if I ask for or am provided with some form of transportation or car-pooling. I understand that this is a drug-free zone. It is understood that these rules and this agreement is for the purpose of promoting a safe and happy event. I understand that the use of all facilities is being offered for religious purposes. I understand that this event is run by volunteers and community service and I will be asked to contribute some of the community service to help keep costs down, and I will accept the responsibility for at least two hours of community service. Having read and understood the above, I sign this document of my own volition and without reservation and with no expectation of compensation of any kind, on behalf of myself, my guests, and all minors accompanying me.

Signature ___________________________________________________


Signature of Witness _______________________________________