After Bill and Victoria Wheeler stole copy directly from our website and started to slander us, I told them to stop or I'd sue their ass off.

Date Tue, 07 Apr 1998 063345 -0500
From Pagan Resource Center <>
Subject Demand for a Retraction

Ms. Partin,
I have ascertained that you are in fact, an adult and in the position to speak for the Church of Y Tylwyth Teg and Mrs Victoria Wheeler in her absence.
As such, I make the following demands of you.
You will issue an immediate retraction of all your defamatory public statements regarding myself, The Spring Gathering of the Tribes, Out of the Dark, Inc, MountainHeart, and the Peninsula CUUP's.
This retraction is to be disseminated on the Internet, your proposed web site, and in a mass mailing to your entire snail mail list. You will provide notarized copies of your retractions and postal receipts as proof of mailing.
This retraction shall contain the following elements.
1. You will acknowledge the provable fact that I had nothing to do with the naming our event "The Gathering of the Tribes."
2. You will state that your repeated accusation that I "came to your festival, and then started my own of the same name", is completely false.
3. You will state that your claim that I am "trading on your name" is inaccurate and a gross exaggeration of the facts.
4. You will explain thoroughly that our two events developed exclusive of one another, and that your earlier statements to the contrary were completely incorrect.
5. You will admit that numerous organizations use the phrase "Gathering of the Tribes" in various arenas and venues.
6. You will state that neither your nor any organization your represent have exclusive legal right to the use of the name "Gathering of the Tribes", or any variation of it.
7. You will produce the "thirty posts by people who have been wronged by Betsy" or you will admit that you lied about the receipt of said mail.
8. You will explain clearly and succinctly that you have on more then one occasion intentionally twisted my statements to reflect an entirely different meaning then was their obvious original intent.
9. You will explain that it was entirely reasonable for me to assume that Mr. Wheeler was still involved with your Gathering considering the fact that I received mail from one of your guests referring to arrangements with him.
9. Once your retraction is published, you will refrain from mentioning me or my organization whenever possible. If you are placed in a situation where you need to refer to me or my organization you will describe us as "Out of the Dark, Inc., Betsy Ashby, President"
10. If asked, you will say that our Spring and Fall Gatherings of the Tribes are sponsored by F.C.M.S. Inc. and Out of the Dark, Inc.

If all of the above terms and conditions are not met in their entirety to my complete satisfaction within 5 days, I will be forced to initiate legal proceedings designed to ensure that they are. I have been informed of the fact that Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler have been out of town and are not fully aware of your recent activities. Their response to the information I have provided them will determine whether or not Mrs. Wheeler, the Church of Y Tylwyth Teg, and the Universal Federation of Pagans are named as Parties to any action I bring in this matter.
Ms. Partin, this is the only opportunity to rectify your mistakes that I will offer you. Once I commit the funds necessary to retain a Georgia Attorney, their will be no settlement between us that does not include monetary damages as well as the demanded retraction.
I understand that your corporate registered agent is the Attorney Mrs. Wheeler is employed by. I have forwarded her a copy of this letter via registered mail. It will not arrive until after the deadline on my offer has past so I suggest you hand delivery a copy to her and listen to her advice.
You may consider this an "Internet offer". Since you chose to begin this incident on-line, I have no intention of allowing any delay in the issuance of your retraction based on snail mail time constants. Each day that your untruths circulate cyperspace I am further damaged.

Since you give the appearance of not being able to understand what I write, allow me to reduce our current situation to simple terms for you.

You have picked the wrong person to try and bully. You will either admit to the Goddess, the World, and Everybody that you have been spreading vicious lies about me, or I will sue your butt off until you do. You pick.

Betsy Ashby
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Date: Tue, 07 Apr 1998 18:37:49 -0400
From: Janet Partin <>
Organization: Bangor
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To: Pagan Resource Center <>
Subject: Re: Demand for a Retraction
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Since I have said nothing concerning anyone but Betsy Asby, then all and any information which this message concerns is directed at her only.

I will however repeat what I was told at the Gathering of the Tribes in Atlanta in 1991. You came up to me and began talking about how "Your" festival was going to be so much larger and better than ours. It was done in a humerous vein so I didn't pay that much attention to it. I introduced you to Rhuddlwm Gawr upon which you spoke with him a few minutes again about the Gathering. Since you don't seem to remember what you said, you will have to ask him. At the present time after reviewing your posts, he is not a happy camper. Since he has been erroniously connected with the Gathering and Since you have erroneously stated that the Gathering is not a stable event, we can clear this up in a few minutes.

All you have to do is print a retraction stating that you have since found out that The Gathering of the Tribes has been in continuous operation since 1976. That Mr. Wheeler has not been a major part of the Gathering since 1987. Since we have had to send out extra flyers with information cancelling your eroneous information, we will of course be counter suing for expenses.

You will send out this note to everyone whom you addressed your internet note to. There is no telling how much money you have cost us by stating that our gathering is not stable and is not held every year. Any of the erroneous information could have been corrected at any time by simply contacting Gathering of the Tribes or Mr. Wheeler or The Association of Cymry Wiccae. But since you didn't and published unproven and unchecked information, you are not due an apology but we are. Everything that I said in my posts to you and the people you had sent e-mail messages to, will be provable by me in a court of Law. If you wish to bring Lady Cerridwen or Rhuddlwm Gawr into this, please do.

Our attorney can be served at 173 W. Station Dr., Kennesaw GA 30144. His name is Mr. Chad Mitchell. Any further communications will be through him. Since you now know I have an attorney and I know you have one. Lets let the attorneys fight it out, thats what they are paid to do.

Janet Partin

cc: Mr. Chad Mithchel, Esq.

I went back and forth with these Twits for months before I finally siced a lawyer on them at the address they which point they killed off "Janet Partin" amid much trauma drama. It was YEARS before I found out that JANET PARTIN NEVER EXISTED LOL

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Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1999 22:13:45 -0500
From: Cerridwen <>
Organization: Y Tylwyth Teg
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Subject: Lady Janet
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If you have received this note in error, click on REPLY and type REMOVE in the Subject line. This note is being sent because you asked for information at some time in the past.

ANNOUNCEMENT: to those who have visited our web page recently, LADY JANET, our webmistress, passed into Summerland this morning, Sunday, December 12, 1999.

6:30am 12/12/1999. It saddens me to announce that Lady Janet Partin, most recently of the beautiful N. Georgia Mountains, and
our full time Webmistress, went on her journey to Defrobani (Summerland) at 4:23am E.S.T this morning. Lord Delusion, of Wales, posted a death threat message against our website, us, and our webmistress. The anxiety, fear and stress which Ms. Partin
experienced subsequent to this death threat was diagnosed as the major contributor to her myocardial infarction. Knowing the depth of Ms. Partin’s love of and belief in the Craft, this death threat equals murder ( see ).

Ms. Partin’s body will be cremated, and her ashes scattered, according to her wishes, from the top of Grassy Mountain, in North Georgia. We are greatly saddened that she has left us, for she still had many years to contribute to her beloved Craft. A Memorial Service will be held Thursday, December 30, 1999 near New Orleans, Louisiana, and will be attended by her immediate family, as well as Lady Cerridwen and Lord Rhuddlwm.

Thursday, December 9, 1999. Lady Janet experienced a heart attack which was due to a combination of stress, anxiety and
fear subsequent to Lord Delusion posting an email threatening to kill Lord Rhuddlwm, and staff, and destroy Y Tylwyth Teg. When Ms. Partin read the death threat email, during routine business, because of her experience with threats from her abusive ex-husband, she became very frightened and anxious. Subsequently, she collapsed, was given CPR, and rushed to the medical center. Although in guarded condition, she was alert. On Friday, December 10, she experienced a second infarction and slipped into a coma. Every effort was taken to revive her. Nevertheless, Ms. Partin passed on Sunday, December 12.

If you knew Lady Janet, please visit and email a message for her children and grand children. We thank everyone who has sent flowers and notes of condolence. They have been greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Lady Cerridwen