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Subject: Spring Gathering of the Tribes

Spring Gathering of the Tribes 2000
New Quarter Park
Yorktown, Virginia
May 4-7, 2000

We hope you will choose to join us at the Spring Gathering of the Tribes. We have planned an enjoyable weekend of Pagan Networking, Knowledge Exchange, Healing, and Fun. New Quarter Park in historic Yorktown is a beautiful oasis in our hectic metropolis. She is rich with historical and new times energies that allow us to renew our connection to our Creator. The changing times are upon us. The People are finally looking for new solutions to some VERY old  problems. Interaction with those who share the same values, but  choose different methods to put them into practice, is an absolute necessity if All are to heal. The Gathering is a safe space in which that may happen. Yawl come now, ya hear?

We are pleased to have as our very special guests.....

Robin Wood                                     
    Robin Wood is the creator of the Robin Wood Tarot and author of The Robin Wood Tarot:The Book and When, Why ...If, a workbook dealing with ethics from a Pagan/Wiccan perspective. Robin's work as an artist and author has taken her to the level of being a common household name in most pagan communities. Robin is warm, witty, charming, shy, and gregarious. She makes you laugh; she makes you smile; she makes you think and move into a very special place inside yourself as you follow her tutelage in the lessons of Tarot and the Wiccan Path.

Silver RavenWolf
   Silver RavenWolf is the Director of the Wiccan / Pagan Press Alliance, a network of Pagan newsletters, publishers, and writers.  "It keeps me pretty busy, " she explains, "but I adore it.  Writing and publishing are important to the Pagan community.  The editors supply the life line for growth, change, and acceptance of magickal people.  Positive religions like Wicca are the heartbeat, but the editors are the arteries of the community."
Silver is the author of over 30 books including To Ride a Silver BroomStick, Teen Witch, To Light a Scared Flame, Angels, To Stir a Magick Cauldron, HEXCraft, and The Rune Oracle.                    
   Silver will be offering Seminars at the Gathering and conducting a Black Forest Tradition Healing Circle.  In November of 1991 Silver received her First Degree from Bried Foxsong of Sacred Hart and is on the rolls of the International Red Garters. She also carries Second and Third Degree status from the Temple of Hecate Triskele of the Caledonii Tradition.
   Silver will be available to do private readings at the Gathering for an additional fee.  Reservations for consultations are available on a first come, first serve basis.  Contact Gathering organizers  to make an appointment.

Oxun Olakari' Al'aye
    Tyo Llorente: Oxun Olakari' Al'aye is an initiate priestess of Oshun of both  Afro-Cuban Santeria and Palo Mayombe as well as an initiate of Brazilian Condomble. She brings to her present practice a diverse background: clinical and Jungian psychology, shamanic trance and healing work. She has, for the past 15 years, traveled to many countries lecturing and learning, including extensive study while living in Brazil. She is a practitioner of ecstatic dance, a poet and lyricist, Akpetebi' de Orunmila ("Maid of Orunmila"), a practitioner and student of Awo (the ancient Yoruba science of divination). Daughter of Oshun, the river, Mother of Mirrors, through silence and through sound, stillness and movement, introspection and celebration, is the reflection through which the beautiful reveals itself. Ecstasy is a love affair with the divine. Maferefun Orisha.
    Oxun will be offering workshops  about the practices and traditions of Ifa' and Orisha  worship as expressed through Yoruba, Afro-Cuba Santeria, and Afro-Brazilian Candomble.  She will explain the qualities and attributes of various Orisha (forces in nature as faces of Deities) and the ways in which the Aleyo (non-initiated worshippers can respectfully and productively work with the Orisha traditions.

Mairéid Sullivan
    Mairéid is a well traveled artist who has performed throughout the United States, Canada, Ireland, Hong Kong,Thailand, and Australia on the concert stage, at festivals, and on radio and television with some of Australia's finest musicians. While living in Australia, Mairéid worked as a consultant in the performing arts. She was responsible for developing and implementing innovative marketing strategies for Festivals, Opera, Ballet,Concerts and general environmental, educational, and cultural gatherings.      
    Throughout this time, she performed in various concert ensembles and taught singing and dancing. She returned full time to her music in 1992. "Now that I am able to concentrate on my true path, as a singer, songwriter, poet, writer and reader of history, I am becoming more courageous and thankful everyday. I believe in weaving dreams into reality." 
    For Love's Caress - a Celtic journey, released in late 1998, features Mairéid's latest collection of original and traditional songs. In 1994, Mairéid released her first recording of original and traditional songs, Dancer, produced by Donal Lunny. Mairéid can also be heard on Narada's classic best seller, Celtic Voices-Women of Song, on Hearts O'Space Record's Celtic Twilight 3 Lullabies, and on the live concert recording, A Celtic Evening, with Derek Bell featuring Mairéid Sullivan. Derek Bell is the "wandering harper" from the Chieftains. 
    Maireid's writing includes her book, 'CELTIC WOMEN IN MUSIC:
 ACelebration of Beauty and Sovereignty' published by Quarry Music Press in 1999 Her poetry, and her articles and essays on various aspects of Celtic culture have been published in many journals and publications including music, new-age and Irish newspapers and magazines. Ancient Self - Memoirs, a collection of prose poetry was published in 1997. A collection of her written works can be read in the "articles" and "poetry" pages of her personal website. 

Leora Salo
    It was in Boston, surrounded by the likes of Tracy Chapman and Bill Morrissey, that Leora Salo found her gift for songwriting. Transplanted from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston, Salo quickly found herself a coffeehouse regular, caught up in the currents of contemporary folk music. Her Euro-ethnic folk roots and love of Celtic and Indian music found new blending nurtured by the influences of jazz improvisation. Finishing her studies at Berklee, Salo worked days as a music therapist at a state psychiatric hospital. At night, with guitar in tow, Salo buskered Boston subways and performed in area coffeehouses. 
     Leora Salo recently migrated to the warmer climate of Houston, Texas, after travelling throughout the U.S. to appease her gypsy nature. Working briefly with the dynamic Celtic band, Ceili's Muse, Salo played venues such as Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion (side stage for The Cranberries), opening for the Fureys, Rockefeller's, McGonigal's Mucky Duck and The Houston Press Awards. Leaving to follow her songwriting path, Leora was quickly back on the road again. With notebook, flute and guitar, Salo journeyed to the British Isles were she studied in Bath with Martin Simpson and Pierre Bensusan and explored the Celtic culture throughout the land.
     Leora Salo continues her singer-songwriter path, passionately writing and booking...
                in traditional gypsy fashion, of course.

Heather Russell
     Singer/songwriter/pianist Heather Russell’s universal themes of love, loss, and inner searching reach straight to the heart of any listener, and her warm personality and stage presence create a captivating, almost dreamy atmosphere. 
    Her inventive piano-driven music is melodic, poignant, and highly personal. While the arrangements reflect her diverse musical background of rock, Celtic, classical, experimental, folk, and indie-pop,her voice provides a unifying influence and a consistent, distinctive sound all her own. 
    Classically trained at Furman University, Heather performed with several rock, experimental, jazz improv, and theater groups in the Southeast before settling in Chapel Hill, NC and beginning her solo career. 
     Along the way, she has had the opportunity to play saxophone with Mammoth recording artists Squirrel Nut Zippers in a theater production, play oboe and sing backup vocals on the debut album for Columbia Records recording artists Howlin’ Maggie, and perform as featured artist with the North Carolina Songwriter’s Alliance, which was formed by Chris Stamey. This summer, she will take part in the first national Indiegrrl concert tour, which will feature unsigned independent women artists and bands of all genres. 
     Heather’s latest 7-song CD "Just in Time" has garnered praise from both critics and fans for its lush arrangements, strong melodies, and unique vocal style.  "I wish all music had the inspiration that's been put into this e.p."
                     -- hEARd Magazine, Sydney Australia 
Kirk McLaren, Amulets by Merlin
   Kirk McLaren's foundation in the study in the mysteries began with Qabalist and Jazz musician Dr. Fred Katz of Southern California in the mid seventies. Kirk first began teaching Tarot in Spokane, Washington at Yhantra Book store in 1980 and has been teaching seminars for Circles, Gatherings and Conventions ever since. He completed his course work in Visual Arts through the "McLaren Studio Academy". Kirk has combined jewelry design and the study of the Tarot to produce a Three  Dimensional Tarot System completed in 1993. This approach is based on the images of the Major Arcana in small sculpture that may be tossed like small stones, then read as they fall.
Kirk will be presenting an intensive seminar on the Tarot, and a special Amulet Making Workshop
    The Amulet Making Workshop provides all that is needed to produce a carving for a lost wax casting. Within six weeks of the workshop the participant will receive their very own piece of jewellery that they made themselves. Lab Fees: $25 for a bronze Amulet, $35 for a Silver Amulet. (Molds may be made of your master carving for an additional $25.)

Don Two Eagles WaterHawk
   A Vietnam Veteran, who is of Tsalagi (Cherokee), Mesquakie and German descent.  A Red Feather Brother and a member of the Wolf Clan of the Seneca Nation. 
    A seeker of his own Spiritual path.  An  eclectic walker, drummer, council facilitator, sharer, artist, silversmith, Pipe carver,  leather worker, stained glass creator, a student of the Universe who's works have been in fine Art galleries and shops around the world.
    WaterHawks pieces have been on  National television and magazines.  Don gives tribute of his spirit to his two daughters, Tara and Tia,  Lady Daniella and to the Community for the  inspirations to create his work in the brightness of Love.

Daniella Bluestar WaterHawk
    Born in NYC, Daniella believes that her gypsy heart has brought her much adventure and insight.  Travel has given much realization, clarity and a closer relationship with Earth and Water Goddesses.   She seeks her own Spiritual path and has studied many various philosophies.  Blending a diversity of university and self-taught knowledge into her Path.
    Daniella met Don in 1994, it was love at first site and were married in 1996.  It is the energy of  this love that enables both of  them to create the magikical creations that they do. She developed her own style and brings that into WaterHawk Creations.   As she walks in Beauty, she becomes Beauty, and shares this Beauty  with the Universe.

    Kokopelli was born in 1990 in Homestead Florida.  She is a female Blue-Gold Macaw that is a true part of the WaterHawk Family and helps bring  insight to us from the animal kingdom.  Kokopelli has traveled over 150,000 miles with us to all parts of the country and has shared her wings of brightness with the community.

Rev. Gretchen A.L. Schork, OCL:AL
    Rev. Gretchen A.L. Schork, OCL:AL, teacher of Runes since 1985, and Practical Qabalah since 1982. She is an experienced teacher, initiated Scribe, and recovering entrepreneur. Through a broad range of training, she has become the lead member of the Ordo Corona Luci, a non-secret hermetic style ceremonial magical order. Favoring a humorous approach to learning, Rev. Gretchen tends to bring not only information and skills to her classes, but also a deep sense of the enjoyment of the learning process.

Bick Thomas
    Bick Thomas has been a practicing magician for over 14 years, and graduated from William & Mary with a major in Medieval / Classical history.  He has published several articles in local pagan newsletters, and has conducted extensive research into the religious and magical practices of the ancient world.

Donna Schneider
    Donna  brings to the Gathering  many years of experience as a Designer and Historian.  Her extensive knowledge of “the Old Ways”  includes the Culinary Arts, Clothing Design, Hair Braiding, Beading, Herb lore, and so much more!

    LadyOwl is a Wiccan priestess ostensibly from an eclectic tradition, but she keeps wandering into this celtic thing....  Sometime back a High Priestess asked her if she practiced Music Magick - a logical question to ask a Pagan musician.  After staring blankly for a few minutes, LadyOwl was off on a new tangent, with music firmly in tow.  Then there's this inner child, play in the mud, uh clay thing.  A passion from high school and college days, she figured she'd get back to it one day, probably when he retired.  Then she went to a guided meditation at a festival and they handed her a hunk of clay ... these pesky muses can be hard to shake....

Rev. Susan Davis
  Rev. Davis was born in Galveston, TX in 1955. She is a former CPA with a BS in  accounting. Susan began formal training in New Forest Tradition in Houston, TX in 1972.  In 1983, with two small children, she retired from active coven management   and embarked on a solitary magickal journey that focused much more on healcraft  training including; gestalt healing with aromatherapy and guided visualization, massage therapy, shamanic, yoga, chakra manipulation, vibrational healing with singing bowls and tuning forks, herbs, distance and Reiki.  She also began serious work with Elemental Magicks during this time and met her lifemate/HP and fellow healer, Rev. Lawrence Harney. They have been teaching students and travelling together since then. 

Rev. Lawrence P. Harney
   Rev. Harney was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1952.  He practices a Wiccan/Egyptian Tradition, and was career USAF, retiring 1995.  Lawrence is trained in several styles of healing, including techniques learned while stationed in the UK and in Japan.  He is a specialist in accupressure and vibrational healing and a teacher both in person and online. He actively performs a variety of Pagan Ministerial work, including funerals,  handfastings, wiccanings and covenings along with lifemate/HPS. 

Dr. Catharine Cookson
    Dr. Catharine Cookson is the Director of the Center for the Study of Religious Freedom at Virginia Wesleyan College and a Professior in the Religious Studies Department.She specializes in religion and law, religion and culture, and American religious history. She has a Ph.D. in Religious Studies from Indiana University, an M.A. in Religious Studies from the University of Virginia, and she is a member of the New Jersey Bar.

    Dr. Cookson is currently writting a book for Oxford Press, Resolving Free Exercise Conflicts, which is based on her dissertation, and she is the author of the "Report from the Free Exercise Trenches: A Case Study of Religious Freedom Issues Faced by Wiccans Practicing in the United States", Journal of Church and State 39:723

Milo MacTavish a Tammas
     Milo MacTavish a Tammas was raised in the highlands of Scotland and from the age of seven, educated by a Druid in  the direct line of the pre-Roman tradition.  He was with the Masai in Africa for two years and spent ten years traveling the world in the Merchant Navy.  He has had formal training in Mediterranean esoteric disciplines and independent study in Eastern, Northern and American traditions.  He combines the study of Mysticism with science in accordance with Drudic teachings. 

Kaylin Keith
Kaylin Keith has been a Witch for 38 years, since the age of 12.  She was taught an oral eastern European tradition by first generation immigrants to this country.   The women who taught her were taught by their mothers and grandmothers who were taught by their mothers before them. They spoke the languages of the old countries from which they came--Rumania, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and various other countries.  The European coven where they were members was located in a high meadow near mountains, so we called our new world coven Daughters of the Meadow which is a loose translation of the original European coven's name.
     She currently teaches the old tradition of Witchcraft that was taught to her.  She is High Priestess of the Daughters of hte Meadow coven in Baltimore, with members in several states. She leads public rituals hosted by the Unitarian Church and at festivals such as Womongathering.  She performs Witch rites such as handfastings, passings and Wiccanings.  She has taught classes and workshops on many aspects of the Craft.  She also does occult work such as seances and communicating with those who have passed.
     In her secular life, she is an artist and craftswoman.  She paints, sculpts and sews clothing and ritual wear for women and is writing a book about her tradition.  She lives in Baltimore with her partner of eighteen years and five dogs.

Estefania Whitt-Perez DeAyala de Larragoiti
    Whitt-Perez DeAyala de Larragoiti brings inspiration, creativity, and a playful & loving spirit.  She is most commonly known as Stephanie and dubbed by some as StagWoman.  She is currently reclaiming the traditions & culture of her relatives & ancestors that had been intentionally kept secret from her due to other's fears & misunderstandings of it.  Her hispanic & germanic ancestral roots lend a unique & interesting style to her private spiritual practices.  She is a lover of music, dance, art, & healing.  She has participated  & supported local CUUPS events off & on over the past four years, drummed & performed with 'MaGun' at various public places for charitable causes & for children's healing and participated in various healing rituals.
    Estefania holds a degree in applied science and was a Chiropractic Assistant in Chesapeake, VA before joining the US Army.   She has been Involved in witchcraft/pagan activities instinctually since birth as she is a 'hereditary' of sorts.  She has been involved on differing levels with various covens & pagan organizations in the DelMarVa area a few of which include CUUPs, Military Pagan Network & Daughters of the Meadow. 
   She will be working alongside with Kaylin Keith (High Priestess of  Daughters of the Meadow) to bring two workshops on Eastern European Witchcraft. 

Jeri Irwin
    Jeri Irwin is a 5-year member of the Daughters of the Meadow coven.  She was initiated into the coven as Glyndora.  To her, it means one who is practical yet has a huge sense of humor.  She sees herself rocking on the front porch while smoking a  corn cob pipe when she's 85. 
    Like many witches, she enjoys dabbling with the magickal and healing properties of herbs.  She also likes making familiars out of wood.  Her friends like her lotions and massage oils so much, they have encouraged her to start selling them.  Glyndora prefers to work behind the scenes on most projects, such as this Spring Gathering of the Tribes where she will assist Stephanie and Kaylin in two workshops on Eastern European Witchcraft.  While she prefers to be behind the scenes...she somehow ends up assisting the high priestess in more & more public events like handfastings, television news interviews, presentations for local societies, and background drumming  for public rituals. 

The EarthRising and Risning Tide  CUUPS groups will be presenting a special workshop "Introduction to CUUPs"
The Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans is formed for the purposes of enabling networking among Pagan identified UUs; providing outreach of Unitarian Universalism to the broader Pagan Community; providing educational materials on Paganism for Unitarian Universalist congregations and the general public; promoting Pagan and Jewish / Christian dialogue; encouraging the development of theological and liturgical materials based on earth and nature centered religious and spiritual perspectives; encouraging greater use of music, dance, visual arts, poetry, story, and creative ritual in Unitarian Universalist worship and celebration; providing support for Pagan identified UU religious professionals and ministerial students; and fostering healing relationships with our Mother the Earth and all herchildren.

There will be the traditional potluck dinner Friday night, followed by a bonfire and drumming, a HUGE Bonfire Saturday night after the concert to drum and dance around, special children's activities throughout the event, and much, much more!

In response to increased numbers we have had to institute a few  safety policies (never
fun, but necessary ) and burden you with sheet after sheet of dead tree to scribble on (even less fun, but more necessary ). These , and other organizational hoo haa are the price of growth. Please know that it is our intention to keep these patriarchal intrusions  to an ABSOLUTE MINIMUM. Your patience and understanding is appreciated!
Registration and Rules & Regulations
Vendor Application

Your opinions and ideas are important to us!! It is how we chose this event's path...
PLEASE take the time to give us your comments  regarding this Spring's Gathering, as well as your feelings on where we should concentrate future efforts.
The Spring and Fall Gathering of the Tribes sponsored by Out of the Dark, Inc. & FCMS Inc., which are held in Yorktown, Virginia are not associated with any other "Gathering of the Tribes" festivals which may be held on occasion in other parts of the country.

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