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We hope you will choose to join us at the Gathering of the Tribes. We have planned an enjoyable weekend of Pagan Networking, Knowledge Exchange, Healing, and Fun. New Quarter Park in historic Yorktown is a beautiful oasis in our
hectic metropolis. She is rich with historical and new times energies that allow us to renew our connection to our Creator. The changing times are upon us. The People are finally looking for new solutions to some VERY old problems. Interaction with those who share the same values, but choose different methods to put them into practice, is an absolute necessity if All are to heal. The Gathering is a safe space in which that may happen. Yawl come now, ya hear?

Unfortunately, our originally scheduled guests Janet and Stewart Farrar and Gavin Bone will not be able to attend the Gathering.  Due to problems relating to health they are unable to tour the United States this year as planned.
Click here to see a note from the Farrars and Gavin Bone 

We are happy to announce that
Robin Wood
will be our VERY SPECIAL GUEST at the Gathering!

Robin Wood is the creator of the Robin Wood Tarot and author of When, Why ...If, a workbook dealing with ethics from a Pagan/Wiccan perspective. Robin's work as an artist and author has taken her to the level of being a common household
name in most pagan communities. Robin is warm, witty, charming, shy, and gregarious. She makes you laugh; she makes you smile; she makes you think and move into a very special place inside yourself as you follow her tutelage in the lessons of Tarot and the Wiccan Path. We are delighted that Robin is joining us as the guest of honor at the Gathering!
....and that's not all!!!!

In addition,
The 1998 Spring Gathering of the Tribes is pleased to present

Silver RavenWolf
Silver RavenWolf is the Director of the Wiccan / Pagan Press Alliance, a network of Pagan newsletters, publishers, and writers.  "It keeps me pretty busy, " she explains, "but I adore it.  Writing and publishing are important to the Pagan
community.  The editors supply the lifeline for growth, change, and acceptance of magickal people.  Positive religions like Wicca are the heartbeat, but the editors are the arteries of the community."
Silver is the author of To Ride a Silver BroomStick, Angels, To Stir a Magick Cauldron, HEXCraft, and The Rune Oracle.  Silver will be offering Seminars at the Gathering on Ancestral Magick and Prosperity. She will also be conducting a
Black Forest Tradition Healing Circle. 
Silver will be available to do private readings at the Gathering for an additional fee.  Reservations for consultations are available on a first come first served basis.

Rhythm Quest
Rhythm Quest is part of an American tradition forming now. A tradition whose roots spread to the furthest reaches of this earth, and back around again to itself. A tradition that will not limit itself through racial or sexual prejudice, fear of change, hatred, ignorance, or complacency, but will seek to evolve through communication, personal development, art, diversity, and the
integration of thought, emotion, creativity, knowledge, and spirituality. The members of Rhythm Quest promote these and many other concepts in their workshops and lessons, performances, and many other dimensions of their lives. Rhythm Quest will be performing at the Gathering Saturday evening and offering special workshops  (for a modest fee) throughout the weekend. 

Oxun Olakari' Al'aye
Tyo Llorente: Oxun Olakari' Al'aye is an initiate priestess of Oshun of both Brazilian Condomble and Afro-Cuban Santeria, as well as an initiate of Palo Mayombe. She brings to her present practice a diverse background: clinical and Jungian psychology, shamanic trance and healing work. She has, for the past 15 years, traveled to many countries lecturing and learning, including extensive study while living in Brazil. She is a practitioner of ecstatic dance, a poet and lyricist, Akpetebi' de Orunmila ("Maid of Orunmila"), a practitioner and student of Awo (the ancient Yoruba science of divination). Daughter of Oshun, the river, Mother of Mirrors, through silence and through sound, stillness and movement, introspection and celebration, is the reflection through which the beautiful reveals itself. Ecstasy is a love affair with the divine. Maferefun Orisha. 
Oxun will be offering workshops  about the practices and traditions of Ifa' and Orisha worship as expressed through Yoruba, Afro-Cuba Santeria, and Afro-Brazilian Candomble.  She will explain the qualities and attributes of various Orisha (forces in nature as faces of Deities) and the ways in which the Aleyo (non-initiated worshippers) can respectfully and productively work with the Orisha traditions.

Patty Robbins BSN, RN, CVN      Healing Touch, Interactive Imagery 
Ms. Robbins  is a licensed Registered Nurse, and a Certified Vascular Nurse who practices and instructs the Art of Healing Touch.  She will be offering various workshops throughout the Gathering on Healing Touch and  Interactive Imagery. 
Ms. Robbins will also be available for private consultations. 

Rev. Colleen M. Rose, ATC, CCT    Crystal Therapy 
Colleen Rose or Boo-boo witch, as she was dubbed by her clients and friends, bridges the gap between the worlds of animate and (seemingly) inanimate energies.  A Certified Crystal Therapist and Master, she is also a psychic channel.  Colleen's mode of healing is multi-faceted and hopelessly down to earth.  She lectures extensively, incorporating lightness and humor, teaching
about crystals, metaphysics and various modes of alternative medicine.  Colleen is the Ordained leader of The Church Of Caduceus ATC, which combines the healing arts with Wiccan practice.  She currently lives communally on the
Jersey Shore where she maintains a private practice in Crystal Healing and Spiritual Counseling. 
If you ever wondered if or how crystals actually worked in healing or in
general Colleen's workshops are for you. 

Kirk McLaren (Amulets by Merlin)     The Tarot Casters 
The Introduction to the Tarot Casters is a favorite workshop among festival goers. Kirk’s system is based upon small sculptures of  the Major Arcana that can be tossed like stones and read as they fall.  This new approach to the Tarot frees the reader from the old layouts and enables the intuitive muscles to work in new ways.  Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional,
you may find this a great joy!  Kirk will also be teaching a amulet making workshop.  Make your own Talisman! 

Earil Wilson         Aroma Magic 
Earil, owner and operator of Uncommon Scents, presents this EXTREMELY unique workshop on Scents, and their use in Magic. Earil's workshop was canceled last year due to the fact that she just completely forgot us. Yup, she had to be
reminded that she was booked in two different States at the same time ... well, she does travel long distances with all those different scents in the car.

Bick Thomas    Greco-Roman Magical Practices 
Focusing on primary sources, this 1 1/2 hour workshop will provide an overview of magical practices from the Helleno-Roman world of approx. 100-300 CE.  If you've ever wondered what witches did in Roman times, this is your chance to find out! 
Bick Thomas has been a practicing magician for over 14 years, and graduated from William & Mary with a major in Medieval /Classical history.  He has published several articles in local pagan newsletters, and has conducted extensive research into the religious and magical practices of the ancient world. 

Donna Schneider        Celtic Hair Braiding 
Donna is back to once again make us feel pretty!  Standard, French, Medieval, and Celtic braiding will be demonstrated as well as how to incorporate flowers, beads. ribbons. or cords into these styles.  Braids can be functional as well as festive! 

The Group Ritual,  and various other functions throughout the  Gathering, are being performed by the South Side and the Peninsula CUUPS.  The Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans is formed for the purposes of enabling networking
among Pagan identified UUs; providing outreach of Unitarian Universalism to the broader Pagan Community; providing educational materials on Paganism for Unitarian Universalist congregations and the general public; promoting Pagan and Jewish / Christian dialogue; encouraging the development of theological and liturgical materials based on earth and nature centered religious and spiritual perspectives; encouraging greater use of music, dance, visual arts, poetry, story, and creative ritual in Unitarian Universalist worship and celebration; providing support for Pagan identified UU religious professionals and
ministerial students; and fostering healing relationships with our Mother the Earth and all her children. 

There will be the traditional potluck dinner Friday night at the Pavillion  Breaking bread together is so much more than just feeding the body, and it’s such a great way to begin the weekend.  Ice, coffee, tea, plasticware and paper goods will be supplied. Feel free to drop your dish off early if it needs to be kept cold or reheated before dinner.  A “baby-sitting service” to keep warm dishes warm will be available at the Pavillion 2 hours before dinner. 
Due to the rules against open fires, the grills at the pavilion will be lit 2 hours before dinner for your cooking convenience.  If you are going to need a large grill area, please call to reserve space. 
             Call Katee at 440-1930 with any questions, suggestions, or special needs.

The potluck dinner Friday will followed by a bonfire and drumming. There will be a HUGE Bonfire Saturday night to drum and dance around, and special children's activities throughout the event.

A few details:
-The Gathering will open at 3 p.m. Thursday, April 23, 1998  and close 6 p.m. Sunday, April 26, 1998.
-Specific scheduling information will be available 3 p.m. Thursday, April 23.
We are very sorry if this is inconvenient, but the exact timing of  workshops and events is based upon weather conditions which will not be known until the week of the event.
-Membership into the '98 Spring Gathering of the Tribes cost $25.00 for adults.  Children 15 and under are admitted free.  Checks, Mastercard, Visa, weapons, precious metals and bolts of attractive cloth are accepted in payment.
-Everyone requesting admittance must fill out a membership form and sign a waiver.  A valid picture ID must be presented at the gate. All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  All minors must have a membership form and waiver, signed by the parent or guardian. 
-Everyone is requested to do a 2 hour workshift at some point during the event.  This is the main way we keep our costs down.  Each member is asked to sign up for one 2 hour work shift in registration, information, set up, clean up, lake watch, etc. Sign up sheets for the different work shift slots will be available at registration.  Sign up early to get you favored time slot and area.
-Merchant space is $25.00 and includes a 12 x 12 foot space and one membership.  Vendors needing additional booth space must make special arrangements in advance. 
-The site is semi-primitive.  There is running, hot water and there are a few flush toilets, but no showers. Porta potties will be used to supplement the porcelain thrones.   Bring your solar shower!
-We are VERY sorry but Clothes are NOT optional at this event, they are required.  We are in Virginia, which means you are required to cover up most of the body parts associated with sexual pleasure.
-Alcoholic beverages are prohibited at New Quarter (or any other county) Park.  Anyone seen with an alcoholic beverage will be asked to remove it from the park. “Chugging it down” is not an acceptable method of removal.
-Everyone is responsible for their own food, tents, trash collection, pets, children, attitudes and actions.

For additional  information contact: 
Gathering of the Tribes, 
c/o Out of the Dark, Inc
117 W. 21st Street
Suite 220
Norfolk, VA 23517
or visit our web site at

All written requests for information should include a stamped, self addressed envelope.  Replies cannot be guaranteed without one. Long distance calls can only be returned collect. Organizers of the Gathering assume no responsibility for lost or misdirected mail. Do not send cash through the mail!!!!!

Directions to the site:
Find interstate 64. Exit I 64 at Rt. 199, Water Country exit - enter Colonial Parkway - take the Lakeshead exit - follow Lakeshead Dr. (there are little green signs that point to "New Quarter Park") to the end of the road for The Gathering.  More detailed directions are available on request.


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Thank you

Betsy Ashby

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