1999 Spring Gathering of the Tribes
New Quarter Park
Yorktown, Virginia
April 22 - 25, 1999

Leave your mundane worries at the gate, get your home away from home set up, and settle in for an enjoyable weekend of Pagan Networking, Knowledge Exchange, and Fun.
The natural setting of New Quarter Park in historic Yorktown is rich with historical and new times energies that allow us to renew our connection with the Mother, and to look into our future to see the changes we are creating right now!

The Gathering is growing by leaps and bounds!
This tremendous upsurge of interest in Pagan, Wiccan, and other "Magical" Traditions is not just a local phenomenon, it is a National, even International wonder to behold! We are proud to be a part of it!
Our increase in numbers does mean that we can invite nationally known Pagan Authors, Artists, and Activists to share their visions and experiences with us, and we have done exactly that!

We are happy to announce that
Robin Wood & Silver RavenWolf
will be our VERY SPECIAL GUESTS at the Spring Gathering of the Tribes!

Robin Wood

Robin Wood is the creator of the Robin Wood Tarot and author of The Robin Wood Tarot:The Bookand When, Why ...If, a workbook dealing with ethics from a Pagan/Wiccan perspective. Robin's work as an artist and author has taken her to the level of being a common household name in most pagan communities. Robin is warm, witty, charming, shy, and gregarious. She makes you laugh; she makes you smile; she makes you think and move into a very special place inside yourself as you follow her tutelage in the lessons of Tarot and the Wiccan Path.

Silver RavenWolf

Silver RavenWolf

is the Director of the Wiccan / Pagan Press Alliance, a network of Pagan newsletters, publishers, and writers.  "It keeps me pretty busy, " she explains, "but I adore it.  Writing and publishing are important to the Pagan community.  The editors supply the life line for growth, change, and acceptance of magickal people.  Positive religions like Wicca are the heartbeat, but the editors are the arteries of the community."
Silver is the author of over 30 books including To Ride a Silver BroomStick, Teen Witch, To Light a Scared Flame, Angels, To Stir a Magick Cauldron, HEXCraft, and The Rune Oracle.  Silver will be offering Seminars at the Gathering and conducting a Black Forest Tradition Healing Circle.
In November of 1991 Silver received her First Degree from Bried Foxsong of Sacred Hart and is on the rolls of the International Red Garters. She also carries Second and Third Degree status from the Temple of Hecate Triskele of the Caledonii Tradition.
Silver will be available to do private readings at the Gathering for an additional fee.  Reservations for consultations are available on a first come, first serve basis.  Contact Gathering organizers  to make an appointment.


....and that's not all!!!!
In addition,
The 1999 Spring Gathering of the Tribes is pleased to present .....


Oxun Olakari' Al'aye

Tyo Llorente: Oxun Olakari' Al'aye is an initiate priestess of Oshun of both Brazilian Condomble and Afro-Cuban Santeria, as well as an initiate of Palo Mayombe. She brings to her present practice a diverse background: clinical and Jungian psychology, shamanic trance and healing work. She has, for the past 15 years, traveled to many countries lecturing and learning, including extensive study while living in Brazil. She is a practitioner of ecstatic dance, a poet and lyricist, Akpetebi' de Orunmila ("Maid of Orunmila"), a practitioner and student of Awo (the ancient Yoruba science of divination). Daughter of Oshun, the river, Mother of Mirrors, through silence and through sound, stillness and movement, introspection and celebration, is the reflection through which the beautiful reveals itself. Ecstasy is a love affair with the divine. Maferefun Orisha.
Oxun will be offering workshops  about the practices and traditions of Ifa' and Orisha worship as expressed through Yoruba, Afro-Cuba Santeria, and Afro-Brazilian Candomble.  She will explain the qualities and attributes of various Orisha (forces in nature as faces of Deities) and the ways in which the Aleyo (non-initiated worshippers can respectfully and productively work with the Orisha traditions.

Rev. Gretchen A.L. Schork, OCL:AL

Rev. Gretchen A.L. Schork, OCL:AL, teacher of Runes since 1985, and Practical Qabalah since 1982. She is an experienced teacher, initiated Scribe, and recovering entrepreneur. Through a broad range of training, she has become the lead member of the Ordo Corona Luci, a non-secret hermetic style ceremonial magical order. Favoring a humorous approach to learning, Rev. Gretchen tends to bring not only information and skills to her classes, but also a deep sense of the enjoyment of the learning process.

Patty Robbins BSN, RN, CVN
Ms. Robbins  is a licensed Registered Nurse, and a Certified Vascular Nurse who practices and instructs the Art of Healing Touch.  She will be offering various workshops throughout the Gathering on Healing Touch and  Interactive Imagery.  Ms. Robbins will also be available for private consultations.

Kirk McLaren Amulets by Merlin

Kirk McLaren's foundation in the study in the mysteries began with Qabalahist and Jazz musician Dr. Fred Katz of Southern California in the mid seventies. Kirk first began teaching Tarot in Spokane, Washington at Yhantra Book store in 1980 and has been teaching seminars for Circles, Gatherings and Conventions ever since. He completed his course work in Visual Arts through the "McLaren Studio Academy". Kirk has combined jewelry design and the study of the Tarot to produce a Three Dimensional Tarot System completed in 1993. This approach is based on the images of the Major Arcana in small sculpture that may be tossed like small stones, then read as they fall.

Amulets by Merlin has created a beautiful medallion for us to commemorate the 1999 Spring Gathering of the Tribes

These necklaces are available for purchase at registration for the ridiculously low cost of $20.00.  You may also order your medallion directly from Out ot the Dark.

Alex Wedmedyk 
Alex is the co-creator of Earth Rhythm workshops, retreats and drums. He has facilitated many drum circles and workshops in the Midwest. He believes that drumming and dance is a vehicle that heals and can make the circle strong. Earth Rhythm workshops and retreats provide a sacred space for the creative spirit to grow. Alex is a drummaker, jewelry designer and drummer. He is an initiate of the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge.


L.B.Taylor, Jr. - a Scorpio-  is a native Virginian. He was born in Lynchburg and has a BS degree in Journalism from Florida State  University. He wrote about America’s space programs for 16 years, for NASA and aerospace contractors, before moving to Williamsburg, Virginia, in 1974, as public affairs director for BASF Corporations. He retired in 1993. Taylor is the author of more than 300 national magazine articles and 30 nonfiction books. His research for the book “Haunted Houses,” published by Simon and Schuster in 1983, stimulated his interest in area psychic phenomena  and led to the publication of five regional Virginia ghost books preceding “The Ghosts of Virginia.” Mr. Taylor will take us on a tour of the supernatural in Virginia.  He will present a slide show of rare film footage documenting unexplained apparitions.. 

Bick Thomas

Bick Thomas has been a practicing magician for over 14 years, and graduated from William & Mary with a major in Medieval / Classical history.  He has published several articles in local pagan newsletters, and has conducted extensive research into the religious and magical practices of the ancient world.

Rev. WhiteDove, BS, Behavioral & Social Science; Candidate MSW/MPW

A new mom who takes her religion, her family and  her education, very seriously. Rev. WhiteDove, a Practicing Wiccan HPS, has emerged victorious in a year long battle to adopt her daughter and is now stepping out of the shadows and into her own light.  Dove is a stronge advocate for community and brings with her experiences and insights available to few and valuable to all.

Donna Schneider

Donna  brings to the Gathering  many years of experience as a Designer and Historian.  Her extensive knowledge of “the Old Ways”  includes the Culinary Arts, Clothing Design, Hair Braiding, Beading, Herb lore, and so much more!

Rev. LaBette Kemp PhD.

LaBette is an activist within and out of the Pagan community.  She is currently working towards yet another degree at the University of West Virginia.  Her background is in the Sisterhood and Wicca, her history is empowerment.  She has facilitated workshops on anger management, grief, empowerment and the warrior aspect of the Goddess.

Wind Walker, RN, BSW, State AIDS Educator 

Windwalker is currently attending WVU for her MSW/MPA.  In her spare time she is mother to four daughters and promotes AIDS prevention and education to all who will listen.

Larry W. Dent, J. D. 

Larry is a retired attorney and a former Mayor and District Attorney. He is also the Co-Founder of the Broken Gourd Circle in Morgantown, WV, the former Judge -Pacific Northwest Intertribal Council and a long term student of Ancient Religion, Metaphysics and Indigenous Spirituality.


LadyOwl is a Wiccan priestess ostensibly from an eclectic tradition, but she keeps wandering into this celtic thing....  Sometime back a High Priestess asked her if she practiced Music Magick - a logical question to ask a Pagan musician.  After staring blankly for a few minutes, LadyOwl was off on a new tangent, with music firmly in tow.  Then there's this inner child, play in the mud, uh clay thing.  A passion from high school and college days, she figured she'd get back to it one day, probably when she retired.  Then she went to a guided meditation at a festival and they handed her a hunk of clay ... these pesky muses can be hard to shake....

Lady Alexandra Marie Windsong

Lady Windsong is a healer, teacher, psychic, spiritual and intuitive counselor, shaman and high priestess.  Her spiritual practice could best be described as eclectic paganism, with influences from many traditions, including those she has experienced in past lives.  Lady Windsong maintains a private healing practice in which she assists her clients on their journey to healing and wholeness.  In addition, Lady Windsong is a writer nd the publisher of "The Healing Connection", a magazine about healing, metaphysics, and spirituality.  She is also the producer of The Healing Way Essences, vibrational essences to facilitate healing, growth and transformation.

The Group Ritual,  and various other functions throughout the  Gathering, are being performed by the EarthRising and Risning Tide  CUUPS groups  The Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans is formed for the purposes of enabling networking among Pagan identified UUs; providing outreach of Unitarian Universalism to the broader Pagan Community; providing educational materials on Paganism for Unitarian Universalist congregations and the general public; promoting Pagan and Jewish / Christian dialogue; encouraging the development of theological and liturgical materials based on earth and nature centered religious and spiritual perspectives; encouraging greater use of music, dance, visual arts, poetry, story, and creative ritual in Unitarian Universalist worship and celebration; providing support for Pagan identified UU religious professionals and ministerial students; and fostering healing relationships with our Mother the Earth and all her children.

There will be special children's activities throughout the event. the traditional potluck dinner Friday night, followed by a bonfire and drumming, a HUGE Bonfire Saturday night after  a special performance by

Lynn Thomas 
Lynn Thomas is a pianist, humorist, composer and singer who has appeared in concert internationally for over a decade.  She recently coauthored a musical for the Maryland Renaissance Festival, and toured Australia with her special brand of musical humor.  We are very honored to have her at the Gathering

We are adding to our list of Guests weekly so please check back with us for updates!

In response to increased numbers we have had to institute a few  safety policies (never fun, but necessary) and burden you with sheet after sheet of dead tree to scribble on (even less fun, but more necessary ). These , and other organizational hoo haa are the price of growth. Please know that it is our intention to keep these patriarchal intrusions to an ABSOLUTE MINIMUM. Your patience and understanding is appreciated!
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The Spring and Fall Gathering of the Tribes sponsored by Out of the Dark, Inc., which are held in Yorktown, Virginia are not associated with any other "Gathering of the Tribes" festivals which may be held on occasion in other parts of the country.
Your opinions and ideas are important to us!! It is how we chose this event's path...
PLEASE take the time to give us your comments  regarding this Fall's Gathering, as well as your feelings on where we should concentrate future efforts. Thank You.

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