Request for Guardians

Organizers of large Pagan events are a special breed. Strong, intelligent, dedicated, masochistic Community Leaders.  They take on a task that would send most sane individuals fleeing in justifiable terror. Why do they do this? No one really knows, least of all the event organizers themselves.  They can often be heard at their events asking their family and friends "why am I doing this?" over and over again, with a rather dazed look on their face.  Yet they continue to build Community solidifying festivals and gatherings year after year.  The creation of Community is an addiction, and a mighty fine one at that!

G.U.T.S. seeks to make the event organizer's job a little easier.  Here you may be able to find the assistance you need to make your event safe and secure.  While we cannot guarantee that a member of the G.U.T.S. Network will be available to work your event, we will do our best to put you in contact with an experienced Guardian, or Guardians, in your area. While all Guardians in the G.U.T.S. Network are volunteers, some are on a budget and will only be able travel to your event if you can reimburse them for gas and tolls.  Others are in a position to donate their expenses to a good cause.  Availability depends on the remoteness of your location.

We have men, woman, gay, straight, bi, lesbian, transgendered and undecided in G.U.T.S.  If your event is gender specific (male, female, or other) we should be able to accommodate you.

This FORM (Click here)  is for Event Organizers who wish request Guardians for their festival or gathering.  Please fill it out completely.  We ask that all forms be signed and sent to us snail mail so we will have the hold harmless statements on file (an obnoxious, but necessary precaution) If your situation is time sensitive, you may send a copy to us email and it will be accepted with the understanding that a hard copy is on its way to us. 
If you have any questions contact G.U.T.S. at