If you have a cork board full of security badges for events you have worked over the years, chances are, you're a Guardian. If you have ever received chiropractic care because your radio threw your spine out of alignment, chances are, you're a Guardian.  If you feel confident that you can handle just about anything the fates throw at you, and you have a pretty good track record for doing so, chances are, you are a Guardian.

Guardians possess an inner self assurance that only comes with a very large, very secure ego.  We have worked hard, and we know we're good, and that lets our egos withstand the tremendous abuse that the people we are endeavoring to serve occasionally heap upon us. It's a very difficult balance we strive to maintain.  We have to be trained and prepared to deal with a physical assault at any time, and yet the occasion where we might have to defend ourselves from a violent attack happens so rarely.  Most often, when we encounter aggression, it is verbal.  We have to be able to recognize annoying but non threatening situations and work to de-escalate the encounter.  When dealing with  obnoxious  drunks or domestic disputes the line between "firm" and "force" can get very, very thin. Learning how to deal with these and other difficult circumstances comes with experience.

This is why it is very important that a person not claim the title "Guardian" before they have earned it.  Doing so can get them, or someone else, seriously hurt.  Please do not exaggerate your qualifications when applying to G.U.T.S.  Be honest with us, and with yourself. There is no need to "pad your resume".  We were all rookies once and there is a place for you in G.U.T.S. if you have little or no experience as a Guardian: ROOKIES

This FORM (Click here) is for active Guardians who wish to join the G.U.T.S. Network  Please fill it out completely and no griping!  You knew there'd be paperwork.  Experienced Guardians know you can't have an acronym without a form. Birds have to fly, fish have to swim, and Guardians have to fill out forms.  Such is the way of the world. We ask that all forms be signed and sent to us snail mail so we will have the hold harmless statements on file (an obnoxious, but necessary precaution) If your situation is time sensitive, you may send a copy to us email and it will be accepted with the understanding that a hard copy is on its way to us. 

If you have any questions contact G.U.T.S. at