Are We seeing A Pattern Yet?

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Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 19:16:00 EDT
Subject: Thautful Rebate story

 While borowsing for stories about eMachines Rebate fiascos, I came upon the subject story on your site
  I bought an eMachines 633is in January 2001 & had the exact same thing happen with their so-called $75 rebate. Dealing with their go-between rebate processor, Young America, & the chain that sold the
PC, Circuit City, was like watching a tennis match. Niether could answer the question straight : "Where's my rebate?" I  became the tennis ball. Back & forth, back & forth. "Check with the store". "Check with  Young America". 

Then , Young America says,"give us a couple weeks", then later, "Give us three weeks", then finally,"We don't have any record of an eMachines rebate". 

No wonder eMachines is going broke. Their rebate offer is nothing more than a scam. 

       Buyer beware! Don't buy eMachines expecting a rebate!