Send Us Your Original Paperwork, So We Can Lose It?

Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 19:39:01 EST
Subject: complaints

eMachines have a so called $75 rebate. I purchased an eMachine  eTower 433i, mailed the rebate form and stapled the original bar code and store receipt to the rebate order form as they requested. When I called to find out what happened to my rebate, all I have to give was my last name. eMachine then told me my first name, address and phone number (information they received from the rebate form) Then came the response, "You won't be getting a rebate because the bar code was not enclosed." I said, "What? The bar code and receipt was stapled to the order form! How could  you have received the order form without the bar code?"  She said, "We don't issue refunds without the original bar code and we're not responsible for lost items. Sorry." I simply hung up the receiver. I made a copy of everything I sent eMachines. Please note the following excerpt information below that eMachines prints on it's rebate form and information:

2.  "All claims ,,,,, and must be accompanied by the original sales receipt and original UPC barcode from your eMachines box."  And that's exactly what I sent them, the originals.

3.  "eMachines desktop computer cannot be returned to retailer once the rebate fulfillment form has been submitted."  That's because you'll never get a rebate and eMachines doesn't want you to return their computer.  You have to wait 8 weeks for the rebate. What retailer will let you return a computer once used two months later? So, who lost $75? 

4.  "Keep copies of all material submitted. Materials received become the property of eMachines Inc."  For what? Why keep copies? They only receive what they want to say they receive. I asked the rep over the phone if I could send eMachines a copy of my copy. I was told they don't accept copies. Go figure.

Advice? Don't waste your time with eMachines rebates. It's a fraud, just another way to get you to buy their merchandise. I was lucky. I bought the computer for my daughter in school and was waiting for her to visit to pick it up. The box was never opened so I returned it (MAINLY because of eMachines attitude about the rebate) and purchased a Hewlett Packard.