Intellisync Intellisucks!

The program "Intellisync"  is a HUGE RIP OFF!!!!  It takes 8 HOURS to sync a moderate sized ACT database with your Palm Pilot desktop using "Intellisync" software. I tried every  possible configuration (fortunately I have an extra computer to test on) and  it took me 7 1/2 (the fastest time) to sync 2200 records. When I found this out I complained to both Comp USA (where I purchased the software) and directly to Puma Technology, the makers of Intellisync. I received an auto response to my complaint from Intellisync that did not even remotely relate to the issue and Comp USA predictability refused to exchange the useless Intellisync software I paid $69.00 + tax for.  I give up.  9 unanswered telephone calls and 4 e-mails to Intellisync trying to get them to make their warranty good is enough.   I have been in contact with some other folks that where ripped off by Intellisync in the same fashion as I was. One guy has his sad story posted at

 Scroll down too  5/16/99

It took this guy almost two hours to sync just 700 records.  He managed to get through to the promised Intellisync support (something I have yet to be ableto do) only to find that they are aware of the problem and do not intend to do anything about it (except try to blame it on ACT!).

It should be criminal (fraud) for a company like Puma Technology to advertise that a program performs a function and neglect to mention that it takes an entire day to do it!  Of course they know no one would buy their trash if the truth where known. For my part I will be posting this warning to every available Palm Pilot message board and review site. 

BE WARNED : Purchasing Intellisync by Puma Technologies is no different
then flushing $69.00 down the Palm Potty!