Is Minnesota Attorney General Mike Hatch Ever Going To Do His Job??

Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 22:26:54 -0700
From: chris benavente <>
Subject: Us too!!!

In April or 1999, my husband and I purchased a digital camera from DMK*Value One, Value Access, Damark, whatever the hell their name is. the camera was $99.99.  We set up 3 monthly installments with our credit card to pay off the camera.  It was never explained to us that this made us instant members, to be charged $93.99 yearly!  without our knowledge or authorization.  We too received a postcard stating "if you do not reply, your cc will be charged a renewal fee". 

I called and talked to their operator, she said that my phone call rejecting the renewal was fine, she would note it and no charge would be made.  Now, April 19, 2001, I am still fighting it.  My checking account is closed, we have been reported to Check Systems and are furious!  I have written letters to my State, BBB, my bank, and Damark.  I received a letter from Attorney General Mike Hatch from Minnesota of which I have printed several letters from your site and am sending him tomorrow, along with my letters I have written everyone.  I believe we should contact Dateline and see if they can broadcast a major warning regarding this company. I also believe we should all stand together and sue this company for theft, and emotional distress.  Thank you for you site!!!


The Benaventes'