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From: "Michelle Furgason" <>
To: <>
Subject: Computer complaint
Date: Thu, 6 Aug 1998 18:31:43 -0500
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I would like to add a complaint about a certain computer company. This place actually sells components, although they will build you a computer from said components for a fee- they just don't sell the ready-made,
name-brand ones. Anyway, I decided it was time to get a computer, and my best friend's husband offered to build me one, as he had built theirs and his parent's computers with no problems, as he works with computers and knows how to do this. We decided to go this route as it would save us 400-500 dollars. We have had this computer for FIVE months, during which time we've gone through:
4 Motherboards
4 Monitors
4 Modems
2 Graphics cards
and SEVEN harddrives.

Needless to say, it is a real pain in the behind, losing everything on your computer and having to re-install it all, not to mention the 45-minute drive to this place. I finally got fed up the last time, as I had just replaced the hard drive three weeks prior and it had failed again. I told them I was sick of this, and I either wanted my money back, or working components. I left it there for them to fix- as they were trying to blame my friend's husband, who was doing all the installations, saying he didn't know what he was doing and was obviously installing things wrong- and the woman told me there would be NO labor charge since I had gone through so
much. 6 days later I came to pick it up (it was supposed to be ready in 3, but I had car problems and couldn't get there sooner), they had me wait for an HOUR AND  A HALF- no other customers, no reason I should have been kept waiting. I suspect that they actually started working on it while I was there, that's what took so long. Then, they charged me for the labor. I tried explaining what I had been through, and that the lady I had talked to when I dropped it off had cleared it with the manager that there would be no labor charge. No go. I kept getting swapped around with people that worked there, so that I was talking to someone new every 5 minutes.  Finally, I got an extremely rude man that did everything but cuss me out. He told me that I was a liar for saying I'd had this many problems, that my best friend- who was there at this time and had witnessed the woman saying no labor charge- was lying, and that her husband was an incompetent boob who was screwing up my system. I finally had had enough, and demanded a refund. At this time they informed me the refund policy is 30 days. This is not posted ANYWHERE in their store, nor on the receipt, nor was I ever told
this verbally before then.
As to the charge that it's my friends' fault, not their shoddy computer parts- 4 of those seven hard drives failed right out of the box, in the store. He had one fail while building it, so when he went back to replace
it, he tested it there. They were put in by THEIR technician, and failed on the spot.

The name of the place is:

Complete Systems-n-More
Phone (972) 705-9750, FAX (972) 705-9594
1740 N. Greenville Ave.
Richardson, TX 75081

Thank you, that does feel a little better.

Bright Blessings,