From: "artlehrman" <>
To: <>
Subject: Sidwinded
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 12:08:39 -0400

On July 9, 2002 I purchased a sidewinder joy stick at CompUSA, West Palm Beach, basing this purchase on the recommendation of the salesperson.  The box, which did not appear to have been tampered with, specified this was a USB device.  But it contained a different and no longer current plug.  

I returned with box, joy stick and receipt and was told by the same sales-person, who remembers me, that I was wrong.  He said they did not sell that type and had not for a long time.  In effect, I was accused of lying and substituting an old product and placing it in a new box---all for $39.      

Comp USA refused to give a refund, even with box, item, receipt and the acknowledgment of the salesperson that he had sold me the product.  

There are better things to do with one s life than carry on a vendetta over a $39 item so I won t pursue this indefinitely.  

But certainly, this is one customer who will never set foot in another CompUSA store.  

A. Lehrman