CyberPagan Techno Whining

If you are reading this you have something in common with everyone else who is doing the same.  You own, or have access to, one of these marvelous machines that are changing the world, a computer.  It is also quite possible that you are of a Pagan, or Earth Centered Faith if you arrived here via a link.
This is a forum where Pagans, and any other interested individuals, can warn others about problems they have experienced with computer hardware, software, technical support, etc.
This is Out of the Dark's Computer Complaint Corner!
If you feel you have been taken advantage of by a company that sells or services computers, or computer software, tell us about it, and we inform the community.
Did you spend you hard earned dollars on a product that turned out to be a lemon?? TELL!!!
There are several good reasons to do so.
First and foremost, by sharing your story you may keep some other unsuspecting consumer from making the same mistake you did.
Secondly, large companies tend to pay much more attention to a bunch of unhappy, vocal people then they do one loan, dissatisfied customer.
Last but not least, you will feel SOOOOOO much better after you have vented.  Suppressing justifiable anger is not healthy. Be good to yourself.
Click here to share your troublesome tale with your fellow netizens. 
Please be professional, no foul language will be posted.  All postings must include a valid e mail address.  This is a permanent Internet Archive of complaints, so be sure of what you want to say before you post.  We will not remove individual posts just because the author changed their mind.  Kinda defeats the purpose of having a public "Archive" and we simple do not have the manpower to spend correcting someone else's mistake  :-0  
We will update the original post if the issue was resolved. 

Click on the highlighted link to view a particular company's or manufacturer's complaint page.
The stories posted in CyberPagan Techno Whining are the opinions of the authors based upon their personal experiences.  No attempt is made to verify the legitimacy of the reports.
Compaq/ Hewlet Packard
Complete Systems-n-More
Computer Renaissance
Erols Internet Provider
Intellisync -Puma Technology

Be sure to check out the The Rip-Off Report  too!   This "Bad Business Bureau" offers consumers a central location on the web where they can report rip-offs, incidents of fraud, etc.  Sleek, "real time" public posting.  A very spiffy gripe site!

If you are a Best Buy Customer, you might want to check out:

The domain name kinda says it all :-/


**Please NOTE**

CyberPagan Techno Whining is an automated  response/posting system.  Please direct any questions you have regarding a particular story  to the author of the original post.  All other correspondence should be sent to one of the email addresses posted on our main page if you desire a personal response.