Out of the Dark, Inc. would never have gotten on line to begin with, much less managed to stay here,  were it not for :

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We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the Graphic Artists and Scripters who have made their work available for free!!  You can be sure someone. somewhere, got a numb behind designing all the neat little lines, buttons, and bars you see here!  We got them from these wonderful folks:

Free Graphics, Templates and Scripts ... Open source RULES, Microsoft DROOLS!

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Our only commercial venture is Blackwater Campground, and all graphics and art on the Blackwater pages were either created by us, or gifted to us by Robin Wood.

An extra special  thank you  goes to:
Kie, Deaglos, and Scooter (the brains of the team) !!!


Robin Woodfor allowing us to use the
"Tower Card" from her beautiful deck as our WitchTower newsletter logo!

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This banner was made for us by Wolfrose @
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Wasn't that nice :-)

Guess what??  We won an award!!  Would you believe it??  Someone actually gave our poor, pathetic, amateur, "can you tell we are old ladies who don't know what we are doing?" website an award....  amazing.....truly amazing.

Wow ...our second award.  This is so kewl :-)