Want to add one to your list?

Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 21:39:21 -0500
To: CyberPagan@outofthedark.com
From: "Katherine L. Hall" <hokiekat@earthlink.net>
Subject: another rip off from paypal


want to add one to your list?  i sent a deposit to paypal to pay for an e-bay purchase and they took out the money twice from my account.  the seller only received the money once.  along with a representative of my bank (first me trying to call and then also on a three way call), we tried to contact paypal.  you get only so far and then they say they're busy and hang up on you (via recording).  then, i continued to get canned e-mails that said the problem was user initiated (me).  finally, my bank called wells fargo, the bank paypal deals with, and even when that woman told us that the error was paypal's fault, NONE of us were ever able to get through.  we never got the issue resolved.

if there's a lawsuit and i can help, count me in.