More Misleading Statements!

On 6/1/2001 I filed a complaint with the FTC, and on 6/15/2001 I filed a complaint with the BBB. On 6/20/2001, I got a response from a Chad Ebel, stating he is SORRY I sold stuff to a fraudulent buyer, and blah blah I owe paypal cash. I DONT THINK SO!!!

I Phoned cutsomer service several times on or around 6/15/2001 and they
REFUSED to give me security to talk to
REFUSED to tell me how this was a fraudulent transaction, when on
5/22/2001 it wasnt.

 I demand something be done about this company, everything they do is
MISLEADIN. No where does it say TRANSACTIONS ARE NOT FINAL UNTILL 60/30 days after the sale where we WON'T try to steal your money back.

When you tell ANYONE a transaction is COMPLETED, that means it's FINAL,
ALL DONE JACK, check ANY dictionary.

com·plete (km-plt)
 adj. com·plet·er, com·plet·est
Having come to an end; concluded.
To bring to a finish or an end

To consumers COMPLETE is COMPLETE. If PayPal is to dictate 2 days later there was FRAUD, they have NO RIGHT to tell me my transaction was COMPLETED, per their idiots hand book a transaction is NOT COMPLETE until the reversal period has EXPIRED.

please advise me on what you think.