You Must Provide Personal Info Or Lose Your Money !

From: "amber aarts" <>
Date: Tue, 02 Jan 2001 16:26:02 -0000
Subject: [PayPalPeril] (unknown)

my name is amber and i am furious and dont know what to do next.. paypal restricted my account and refuses to releas my 30.00 until i send them personal info i am unwilling to give them. MY DH thinks they are going under and dont care about customer happiness anymore.. this is really buisness suicide n their side. i tried to send a pymt and they declined my card, i tried again and got declined so i went to exchangepath and did it and it went through just fine. So thinking PP was just having troubles i later tried again for a small amount and it went through. then thinking they had resolved the issue, i tried another one and that got my account restricted. i have sent them many emails threating action , all to no avail but  letter saying they understand my frustration but sent the info!!  i called them and demanded  a manager but was told i had to email if i wanted someone else. So here i sit mad as hell and dont know what to do. This seems illegial to me and yet they are doing it and noone is stopping them... I believe there is strength in numbers too so i hope finding this group will help us all resolve this izsue.