A summary of my recent living nightmare with PayPal

From: "Hollis G." <nyc@isp.com>
To: <CyberPagan@OutoftheDark.com>
Subject:  A summary of my recent living nightmare with PayPal
Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2005 23:29:08 -0500

Dear Out of The Dark Please share this with anyone else that might be helped by my warning about PayPal,
On Jan 21, 2005 PayPal withdrew $5050 from my PayPal without notice. I found out while paying for groceries -- my debit card was rejected for insufficient funds and when I contacted my bank (HSBC US) they said PayPal submitted an electronic check for $5050.
When I checked my PayPal account online, it was "Limited account Access" there was no transactional info about the $5050.  That was also apparent from the bank statement.
It is now Feb 6 2005 and PayPal continues to send me requests forme to fax them drivers license, more bank statements, more credit cards statement, more utility bills to verify my identity.  I have cooperated with every request, as well as filed and Affidavit at my bank, but do date, I have not a dollar of the $5050 they cleaned out of my BANK account.  I have heard of peoples PayPal accounts being frozen and cleaned out, but never feared they would do that to my BANK account.  I never sold anything using PayPal, so it has nothing to do with chargeback.  It has nothing to do with a purchase. Paypal won't tell anyone (not even my bank) why they took out so much money in the first place.  The worst part is PayPal acting as a bank did not verify any info when it TOOK my money, but wants to pretend its verifying till kindome come AFTER taking all that money out of a bank account.  As of Feb 6 my bank account is still empty and I am a $5050 victim of PayPal's lies and betrayal.
The "Protection from Unauthorized Withdrawals" slogan to get you to "Verify your Account" couldn't be FARTHER from the truth.  Goodbye PayPal (an Ebay company), see you in court.
Distressed and Outraged and Robbed, Stabbed in the Back, Former Paypal Customer in NY.