PayPal $4000.00 theft and the Adult Industry

From: "brooke hunter" <>
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Subject: PayPal $4000.00 theft and the Adult Industry
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2003 13:17:38 -0800
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I'm writing the in hope that if enough voices are out there, something will be done.
I'm and Adult performer and film star and have been using PayPal for over a year for my personal adult website  for video and photo purchases from fans.
Recently My husband and I sold a vehicle to a private party who also uses paypal and wanted to send part of the payment through paypal. I told them "Great, I haven't had any problems at all. I can transfer the funds in 3 - 4 business days and send you the Bill of Sale for the car."
Now the horror begins.  The transfer is made to me and I transfer it to my bank. The buyer of the Vehicle picks up the car with everything but the bill of sale to register it,  agreeing to accept that via fedex when the transaction clears the bank.  Okay now my transfer is reversed from my bank account back to paypal,  stating that my account is now Limited and they need more information to release the limited status. 
Paypal is stating that my name and my bank account does not match. I have a legal DBA  which is my legal name doing business as Brooke hunter. this matches my bank statment. They want a copy of my last bank statement and my drivers license. Fine I fax it. They now state that my drivers license and my bank statement address don't match.  Yes they do. My legal name and my home address are on my license. Both my legal name and my DBA, Brooke Hunter are on my bank statement however my bank statements are sent to my business address which is the address on my bank statement. My business mail goes to my office and my personal mail comes to my home. Don't many people use a business address for their business mail??????  Maybe I'm the only one, I don't think so.
One representative and manager from PayPal stated to me "we don't know what a DBA is. We have NEVER encountered anyone on paypal with that."  I explaned it to them and none the less, authorized my bank to release all of my DBA forms signed by the state to verify this transaction which are the same forms I used to open a business bank account.
Now they want copies of utility bills in my name matching the address on my license, a Notarized letter from my bank stating that I'm a signator on the account, and I have to change my paypal name to my legal name revealing my legal mane on my website. I also faxed a copy of my signature card with my DBA on it and both signatures for them to review.
Now from March 7th to today March 15th, nothing has changed.  I now come to find out that PayPal is no longer dealing with the Adult Entertainment industry, Period. All funds prior to March 13, 2003 must be withdrawn and accounts closed. 
You can read the article on .
Consequently, all funds will be investigated and held for 180 days (6 months) from the date of the transaction before they will consider returning them.   I'm now out a car, a means of income from my website and the $4000.00 that was transfered to my account.  The buyer can't register this vehicle nor can he have his funds credited to his credit card.
I have given them EVERYTHING THEY WANTED with the possible exception of a DNA sample and they still will not  release the funds.  Thats a nice chunk of interest they are earning.  
Well, that's my story and hopefully you can add this to the list and we will be happy to join the class action suit against them.
Brooke Hunter