PAYPAL.CON Sucks!!!!!!!!

From: "Bill Birkley" <>
Subject: PAYPAL.CON Sucks!!!!!!!!
Date: Thu, 01 Aug 2002 17:57:49 -0600

In December of 2000 I sold some software on ebay. The listing showed the box, the manual, and the disc. It also stated the product name and product version. I advertised it as NIB.  It was worth 350.00 and sold for 55.00. After 2 weeks the buyer complained that he had received the software with the box opened. I said yes, the picture on the listing showed the open box and contents. He wanted to return it. I said no. He filed a complaint with E-Bay but they thought he was nuts. EIGHT months later he files a complaint with Paypal. This is beyond their complaint period. They only take complaints for non-delivery, or delivery of the wrong item. I delivered exactly what was described and photographed. No-one takes software back. It is too easy for the buyer to copy it and then return it.
Paypal returned his money and debited my account without ever contacting me. When I complained they said they could do whatever they wanted to do. What a MAFIA organization!!!!!!
Bill Birkley   Pay-Pal.CON SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!