Without Just Cause

From: "SCSI2" <scsitwo@tfz.net>
To: <CyberPagan@OutoftheDark.com>
Date: Sat, 2 Mar 2002 16:49:23 -0500

PayPal is not only freezing accounts .... They are also restricting accounts
WITHOUT JUST CAUSE and FOR NO REASON except for "their updated policies against fraud." They restricted my account without notice and I gave them absolutely no reason to even consider that I was doing anything fraudently. I never sold. Only purchased. I didn't have a credit card. They withdrew the funds from my bank account, per my approval, to pay sellers I was buying from. Why was I suspected of fraud and my account restricted? Personally I suspicion PayPal is doing this because they have a specific targeted group that they want to do business with and are finding this as a way to get around laws that protect us from being discriminated against .... and I surely am not referring to race discrimination.

I sent PayPal additional identification information they requested in order
to have my account restriction lifted. After a long while they lifted the
restriction. Thankfully I ony had 46 cents in my online account when that
happened. But, the whole matter irritated me to the point that I cancelled
my account as soon as the restriction was lifted.

Here's something interesting:
       Two months after closing my account I started attempting to reopen an
account with them using the same online name and gave them the same information as before, including the additional identification information they requested when they restricted my old account. This time it apparently
is not enough. The new account is restricted until I now send them a copy of
a utility bill with my name on it and my current address on it. This is great .... I rent and the landlord pays the utilities. PayPal gives me no viable way to communicate with them about that though so I am unable resolve the matter by presenting other information in leiu of the lightbill. PayPal has a habit of remaining free of communication with it's clients.

Here's the real kicker:
       Also, to unrestrict my account I have to answer a question they asked. They asked if I ever travel overseas. If so, is it for business or pleasure? I really don't think that is any of their business and does not pertain to a PayPal account. Personally I think it is an illegal question for them to ask. Especially so seeing that I do not travel overseas and they have no reason to even suspicion that I maybe do.

My opinion ..... there's more to the PayPal situation then them simply holding money from people because the "think" there could be fraud going on.
Anyone could be trying to use fraudulent practices. Therefore, PayPal seems
to reserve the right to restrict anyone anytime they feel like it and without reasonable cause. My problems initially started after I applied for a credit card through them and it was denied because of my credit. Gee, I wonder how many others had a like experience? I bet many restricted accounts went through something similar beforehand.

I needed to say all this. PayPal has been irritating me for months. I hope someone finds a way to make them start treating their clients like human beings. I never did anything wrong through them and gave them no reason to
even suspicion that I did. I think it's unfair that they are allowed to tread over people the way they do.