The List Of Excuses Goes On

From: "John Williams" <>
To: <>
Subject: Paypal:Warning
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 20:17:19 -0000

I feel that I really must warn people about the activities of Paypal. The financial transaction company that can sometimes be seen when registering for Web Site Membership.

1)      I recently tried to register for a web site and this registration was initiated by paypal

2)      I tried five times to register but each time it did not work and did not give me a password.

3)      It was only on the 6th attempt that a password eventually came through

4)      When I received my credit card statement to my horror their was subscription money taken out of my account for each attempt at registration.

5)      I immediately mailed paypal and asked them to credit my account with the overpayment which they had taken out.

6)      They refused and basically said that it was not their problem.

7)      I read the complaint details on Paypal s page and it said that if the user had a complaint they would attempt to sort it out if I went through the complaints procedure.

8)      I did this and they immediately mailed me saying that they would not be following up my complaint as it was over 30 days old (it took that time for my credit card statement to come through and for me to notice). In the meantime more payments were being taken out of my account by paypal. I did not know how to go about stopping them.

9)      I then mailed another address at Paypal and was told that they would not deal with my complaint as the payments were user initiated . I other words they have allowed the user to take out whatever they want from my account without authorisation and use this as an excuse not to do anything. 

10)  They have also refused to return the money that was stolen by them from my account $104 (so far!) saying that the item being chased was virtual or intangible and so they were unable to help. 

11)   They also deliberately tried to misunderstand what my complaint was about by thinking I was downloading images when I told them many times that I was registering for a website membership. I am very suspicious about Paypals dealings with these sites and firmly believe that this is all a part of a very corrupt and fraudulent business.

12)  I urge people not to have any dealings with Paypal. I also ask the authorities to look into this company s practises.

13)  Look at sites like and Paypal Consumer Rights on and you will see how many people have been duped by Paypal.

14)  The excuses used by Paypal when people complain are incredible. They come from their selected repertoire of templated excuses. Which include:

Paypal is not an escrow service, and cannot protect buyers from sellers with illegal or unsavoury business practises (like Paypals). Or:

PayPal was not able to resolve the dispute between the two parties (customers and Paypal) due to the item purchased being virtual or intangible. Or:

PayPal is a user-initiated system.  Any activity in your account, right from opening it to closing it, is done by users.  PayPal only facilitates these activities. Or:

The complaint has been made over 30 days from purchase so we are unable to help.

The list of excuses goes on.

Basically Paypal allow people to take whatever they like from your account whenever and do not authorise any payments or website registrations before taking your money from your account even if they do not work.

Paypal is as insecure a system as that and they give you no recourse or comeback as seen with the excuses above.

Whether you are a business or customer. Beware!

Just do not use Paypal. You have been warned!