Convicted Sex Offenders Alleged to Frequent Pagan Gatherings, Activities, Events and Festivals.    

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We do not list individuals who have been convicted of crimes involving any form of sex between CONSENTING ADULTS ie: adult prostitution/
solicitation, consensual sex between adults of the same gender (sodomy in some states) etc.
 The information on this website is posted for the purpose of protecting the Pagan public from known sex offenders who have been convicted of sex crimes involving minors and/or the use of force.
Use of this information to commit criminal acts (intimidation, stalking, harassment, etc.)  could result in criminal prosecution!

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  Many people just happen to share the same name with a registered sex offender!  Take care to insure the "John Doe Perv" at your Gathering  is the same "John Doe Perv" who is a convicted sex offender BEFORE making any allegations to event organizers or others!

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Fletcher, Robin Angus aka: Timothy Michael Ryan
Kerr,  John Paul 
Kokowicz, Mark Edmond aka: Lord Dragon
Lundquist, Peter Nels 
Miklosovic, Elizabeth aka: Elizabeth Marie Miklosovic
Sheehan, William F. aka: Bill
vonSchmidt, Robert H aka: Rev. Robert DeMaille
Wilson, James Rayaka: Jimmy Ray WIlson

All information current as of  3/1/08
Please check for current addresses and any recent changes to State records with the links provided.

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Robin Angus Fletcher
aka: Timothy Michael Ryan


three counts of wilfully committing an indecent act with a child under the age of 16 years
one count of sexual penetration with a person between 10 and 16 years
one count of child prostitution and one count of attempting to pervert the course of public justice

Date of Birth: 49 (2006)
Race: White
Sex: Male


Be sure to tell them you saw their ad on Prison Pen Pals.

John Paul Kerr


Date of Birth: 34 (2007)
Race: White
Sex: Male
Height: 6'2"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 162
Mark Edmond Kokowicz ***UPDATE***  Kokowicz's convictions were upheld on appeal and he is currently incarcerated in Michigan until at least 2034
aka: "Lord Dragon"

2 Counts-Witnesses-Intimidating-Committing Crime/Threatening Kill/Inj
2 Counts-Homicide - Solicitation of Murder
2 Counts-Criminal Sexual Conduct, 1st Deg (During Felony
Criminal Sexual Conduct, 2nd Deg (During Felony)
Controlled Substance-Delivery to Minor, Sched 1,2,3

Date of Birth: 11/27/1948
Race: White
Sex: Male
Height: 6'4"
Hair: Gray
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 220
Kokowicz was ejected from StarWood in 1997. He was camped one row from a prior victim (minor child) 
Kokowicz also threatened several people, including the author of this list, with death. 

Peter Nels Lundquist



Date of Birth:  1983
Race: White
Sex: Male
Height: 6'1"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 175 lbs

Elizabeth Miklosovic
aka: Elizabeth Marie Miklosovic


Date of Birth: 1/28/68
Race: White
Sex: Female
Height: 5'3"
Hair: Gray
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 145
William F. Sheehan

632-A:3, III Felonious Sexual Assault (Victim under 13 y.o.)

Date of Birth: 7/2/1955
Race: White
Sex: Male
Height: 5'8"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 228

Robert H vonSchmidt
aka: Rev. Robert DeMaille
aka: Robert H vanSchmidt
aka: Robert de Maille vonSchmidt
aka: Rev. Bob DeMaille
aka:: Robert Von Schmidt
aka:: Robert Van Schmidt
aka:: Robert H. Von Schmidt
aka:: Robert H. Van Schmidt

Chairman of the Coven of the Spiral Light in Groton, Connecticut
Spiral Light, Inc.
PO Box 405
Groton, CT 06340

Robert H VonSchmidt aka Rev. Robert deMaille- convicted Felon and registered Sex Offender

53-21(2) - Injury or risk of injury to or impairing morals of children (victim age 13)

Date of Birth:  12/01/1967
Race: White
Sex: Male
Height: 6'5"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Weight: 380 lbs
Scars/Tattoos:Scar on R_knee

Robert Von Schmidt Conviction
James Ray Wilson
aka: Jimmy Ray WIlson
aka: Junior Wilson
aka: JR Wilson

Formerly a Sergeant in the U.S. Army. Convicted March 17, 1998 of one count of Sodomy on Diverse Occasions and three counts of Indecent Acts with a Child All of the "Indecent acts with a child" cover numerous occasions of the sexual abuse.

Date of Birth: 10/29/1959
Race: White
Sex: Male
Height: 6' 0"
Hair: Gray
Eyes: hazel
Weight: 165 lbs