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The Pagan Resource Center is an outgrowth of Out of the Dark, Inc.,  a Pagan & Wicca bookstore.  Out of the Dark, Inc. was founded in 1988 in Newport News, Virginia.  At that time, and for the next 8 years , we were the only Pagan / Wicca oriented store in Virginia, the buckle of the bible belt. This led to numerous people coming to us not just for merchandise, but for information as well.  As the years passed we accumulated 7 large file cabinets full of information regarding  Pagan businesses, services, covens, newspapers, etc.  We diligently filed 3 x 5 index cards for each of our contacts in tidy little file boxes according to subject, and made the information available to the general public on request. 

Then came the magic day when our son took his moms to Comp USA and showed them ...  A COMPUTER.  Initially, when he told us that ALL of the information contained in our 7 file cabinets could fit into one small box, we were skeptical.  However, when a very knowledgeable salesman came along an explained all the wonderful things the machines could do for us, we bought two. After surviving a very frustrating learning curve (did you know a Compudyne could be thrown out a second story window into a mud puddle and it still works fine once it dries out?) three old Witches were drug kicking and screaming into the 20th century. When Barnes and Noble decided to open a store right down the street from us, we moved to Norfolk Virginia where we remained until we bought Blackwater Campground on October 31, 2001.

We still have the 7 file cabinets, but they are now filled with tech manuals, instructions, and warranty papers for the 'puters and software. We operate one of the largest Pagan mailing lists in the country and publish a hard copy newsletter called "The Witch Tower".  We also distribute a yearly "Event Ban List" and a "Bad Check List"  to  Festival Organizers . We sponsor a number of Pagan Events, operate a full service campground called  "Blackwater" and participate in various other Festivals and Events. If you have a question regarding Wicca, WitchCraft, Magic, Paganism, the Occult, etc., that can't be answered through one of the links on our website,  www.Pagan.com please let us know and we will  do our best to get you an answer.  PLEASE check all www.Pagan.com links before sending us your question.  Due to the high volume of email we receive, we can not guarantee a response to questions which have been addressed on our site.

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